Uuni lamb chops

BBQ134/17: Uuni Lamb Chops

BBQ134/17 – Uuni Lamb Chops:

Uuni Lamb Chops: In a previous post I mentioned I had bought a whole Shetland lamb from Briggs Shetland Lamb – first up was Rack on Black which Rob Sisk messaged me to recommend:

BBQ122/17: Rack on Black

I have plans for the legs and shoulders so I wanted to cook the loin chops. Having cooked a few dishes on the Uuni with cast iron dishes lately I wanted to try and cook the lamb the same way.

The Meat:

The Shetland Lamb is a great product, fantastic quality, very tasty and a great price. The animals are smaller than most other sheep breeds but I think you get a concentrated flavour!

The Prep:

The loin chops were in whole racks so I cut them into smaller chops. 

Uuni lamb chops

A while back Macs BBQ sent me some Don Marco rubs to try and I wanted to pick one to use in this cook rather than just going for salt and pepper. The rub that stood out was “Dancing Sirtaki” mainly because of the Greek flavours and having travelled round a fair amount of the Greek Islands when I was younger and always enjoying the food! The rub ingredients were listed as Sea salt, pepper, oregano, tomato powder, garlic, onion, basil, chilli, unrefined cane sugar.

I fired up the Uuni as per my notes:

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Whilst it was getting up to temperature I applied the rub to the meat, there was just enough to cover both racks. After about 5 minutes I lightly oiled the cast iron pan and put it in the Uuni. After another 5 minutes it was hot enough to start the cook so I put the meat on the pan. (All the cast iron pans are sizzler dishes from Nisbets)

Uuni lamb chops

The Cook:

I kept the fire going on the Uuni, I could hear it roaring! I took the pan out every minute and flipped the meat and rotated the pan before putting it back in to try and cook everything evenly. The smell of the meat cooking was incredible. I didn’t keep track of times but I think it was around 5 minutes cook time and a 5 minute rest. I took the meat off when it hit 65c internal temperature on the Thermapen.

Uuni lamb chops

Time to Eat:

The colour of the meat from the rub and the char from the raging fire was awesome, it smelt so good! I moved the meat to another dish to rest as the cast iron was so hot it would have carried on cooking.Uuni lamb chops


This photo looks like I bit the meat off but I cut it off the bone! The taste of the meat was unreal, it was so soft, so tender and so juicy but the taste of the meat, the rub and the char was just a fantastic combination. They are small chops but once I ate all the meat I was gnawing on the bones to get any more meat off them as I could have kept eating them all night! The rub really did have the taste of Greece, I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

Uuni lamb chops

I wouldn’t change anything with this cook except cook more next time! I will try some bigger lamb chops as well.

Cook Equipment: Uuni 2s
Cook Method: Cast Iron
Charcoal: Uuni Pellets
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 500c
Cook time: 5 minutes and a 5 minute rest
Internal temperature: 65C
Notes: Change nothing except cook more next time!


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