BBQ118/17: Venison Medallions

BBQ118/17 – Venison Medallions:

As with the venison cook from last week I am trying to cook more meat from local suppliers and also trying to cook things I haven’t cooked much of this year. When I bought the Venison haunch I also bought Venison Medallions. I haven’t cooked these on the BBQ before but I have cooked them on the hob a few times.

The Meat:

The meat was from Seriously Good Venison and cost £12.69 for 2x120g steaks. I appreciate that sounds a lot for 2 small steaks and when you look at the meat you don’t think it’s going to fill you up but trust me it does! The website says venison meat is leaner, denser and contains less water than other meats which must be why it’s more filling? The medallions are cut from the loin.

The last venison cook has more details on the quality of the meat:

BBQ116/17: Venison Haunch

The Prep:

Very simple, just sprinkled some salt on each side.


The Cook:

I knew these would cook fast. I was tempted to use the cast iron in the Uuni but I wanted to keep an eye on them so I didn’t over cook them. I spotted my Pro Q afterburner so fired up a full chimney of Oxford Charcoal Birch and placed the afterburner on top.


Once the charcoal was fully lit I used my IR gun to check the temperature of the grate – 550c. Time to cook!

I placed the meat on to the afterburner:



I gave it a couple of minutes then flipped it over.


After another couple of minutes I checked the temp and it was approaching 50c so I flipped the meat again.


At 55c internal I took them off to rest.



Time to Eat:

I left the meat to rest for 5 to 10 minutes then sliced into it – nice and pink!



Such a simple cook this one, great for a quick midweek meal. The venison was great quality and had a nice gamey smell/taste to it. Very soft, tender meat and the kids appeared looking to share it!

55C for medium rare was really nice, I would probably try taking it off a bit lower (50C) next time.

Cook Equipment: ProQ Afterburner
Cook Method: Afterburner!
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Birch
Smoking Wood: None
Cook temperature: 550C
Cook time: About 5m plus 10m rest
Internal temperature: 55C
Notes: Maybe cook to 50C



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