BBQ11/17: Cajun Rubbed Fatty

BBQ11/17 – Cajun Rubbed Fatty:

Cajun Rubbed Fatty: This was just a quick cook for lunch whilst the smoker was fired up for dinner. Just trying to make the most of the heat beads as they aren’t cheap for a long smoke these days! This is only the 2nd Fatty I have cooked, I wrote about the first one in more detail here: 

This time I used my own maple cured / maple smoked bacon again but I used some Cajun rub that was left over from a previous cook. The rub recipe was from the Hangfire book, the sausagemeat was from Turner and George and I chopped some piquante peppers up again.

I had real trouble getting my brain to work out how to do a bacon weave again, not sure why I find it so hard but I got there in the end. I think I have worked it out for future attempts now:

  • Fold up the odd lines of bacon (1,3,5,7) and lay down a new slice of bacon
  • Fold back the odd lines of bacon
  • Fold back the even lines of bacon (2,4,6,) and lay down a new slice of bacon)
  • Fold back the even lines of bacon
  • Repeat!

There is a good picture of the bacon weave from my first attempt in the other page.

I rolled up the fatty, applied more rub then put it on the smoker for about 2.5hrs where it was smoked over oak and cherry wood from Smokewood shack. I kept an eye on the temperature after 90m and pulled it off at 70c.


It was very tasty, nice and juicy. Not sure the cajun rub went too well with it so I would go back to the reds slow cooked pork rub next time I think.


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