BBQ101/17: “The Hut” and a quick cook

BBQ101/17 -“The Hut” and a quick cook:

It’s been a month since I cooked last and since I posted last! What’s been going on? What is “The Hut?”

UK BBQ Week was really full on. I spent an incredible amount of time looking at every cook folk posted on all the social media channels and capturing them all in a central place. We then spent a lot of time each evening discussing the entries and who should win each prize. It really was a lot of work but what a great week it was. So many great cooks and so many people really got into the spirit of the event. Loved it!

At the end of that week I cooked BBQ#100 which was and still is one of my favourite cooks:

Rib of Beef (Reverse Seared)

I then packed away all my kit as the builders were arriving the next day to destroy the garden, redo it and build me a new hut. I have had a little bus shelter for a few years and it was a massive help but last winter almost finished me off with the storms, snow and constant rain so I was keen to get something a bit more resilient to the lovely Scottish weather. I drew up some plans and left the builders to it. 4 weeks later the garden was done and the hut was done – time to fire up the grill!

The Hut and a quick cook

I hadn’t moved everything in at this point, just the main cooking gear. I will write up more at a later date about what’s in there etc.

I wasn’t very well organised, I wasn’t really sure it would be ready to use when it was so I asked my wife to get me a rib eye steak from the butcher. They sell Black Gold beef which is usually pretty good.

I left it out to get up to room temperature and I fired up the chimney with Oxford Charcoal Hardwood Blend. Once it was ready I poured it in the grill and left it 5 minutes before putting the grill grates on top. I left the lid off.

I heavily seasoned the steak with salt and pepper:

The Hut and a quick cook

Once the grill grates were hot enough I put the steak on. No wood chips and I left the lid off. I wanted to see how the smoke left the hut – test run really!

The Hut and a quick cook

The Hut and a quick cook

I gave it a minute then flipped it, another minute then flipped it and rotated 90 degrees then another minute and flipped it again:

The Hut and a quick cook

The Thermapen showed it around 55c so I took it off to rest. After about 5 minutes I sliced it open. Nice and pink, very juicy!

The Hut and a quick cook

Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Direct grill
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Hardwood Blend
Smoking Wood: None
Cook temperature: Very hot!
Cook time: 5 minutes
Internal temperature: 55C
Notes: Get a thicker steak!

A nice quick cook and a decent steak from our local butcher. The steak had a nice beefy taste and was very juicy. It could have done with being hung a bit longer but for the price it was spot on. Would like a thicker one next time.

It was just good to get cooking again. The hut was great – The minute I lit the charcoal the rain started bucketing down, it was like a monsoon! I kept warm and dry throughout the cook. Very nice!



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