Christmas Day Rooster

201/18: Christmas Day Rooster

201/18: Christmas Day Rooster

We cooked a Turkey for Thanksgiving and I didn’t fancy another Turkey for Xmas but what to have instead? I was thinking about a nice bit of beef when I spotted Turner and George were selling Herb Fed Rooster for Xmas. Decision made – Christmas Day Rooster!

The Meat:

Also known as a Capon these Roosters sounded pretty special:

Our Christmas Roosters are a very special chicken produced only once a year for Christmas Day. Like our Turkeys they are fed a diet of over 10 fresh herbs and are free to roam and graze acres of Yorkshire pasture.

They offer a classic alternative to our Herb Fed Free Range Turkeys and because they are smaller, they can be the perfect ‘bird with taste’ for a festive family meal.

3kg was £35.20 from Turner and George.

The Prep:

Out of the wrapper. All I did was rub some rapeseed oil all over the bird.

3/4 of a chimney starter with Resilient Woodlands Mixed Hardwood.

Christmas Day Rooster

The Cook:

Charcoal into charcoal baskets in the Napoleon Pro 22, two chunks of cherry pushed right out to the sides (stops flare ups burning the bird) then rotisserie put on top. The hinge/lid of the Napoleon can be removed and the Weber rotisserie fits perfectly.

Christmas Day Rooster

About an hour in, nice colour starting to build on the Rooster.

Christmas Day Rooster

90 minutes in, looking great and close to 70c Internal on the Thermapen.

Christmas Day Rooster

Time to Eat:

What a colour on the bird, it looked fantastic!

Christmas Day Rooster


Cooking the Christmas Day meal on the BBQ can be stressful but this was very relaxed and a simple cook. Rapeseed oil rubbed on, rotisserie for 90 minutes with some cherry chunks and pretty much left alone. Perfect!

The Rooster was fantastic, great tasting meat, very juicy and also tender. Really enjoyed it and would choose Rooster over Turkey in future. Shame they are only available once a year as I would cook these more often through the year!

Cook Difficulty: 2/5
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22
Cook Method: Rotisserie
Charcoal: Resilient Woodlands Mixed Hardwood
Smoking Wood: Cherry
Cook temperature: 250C to 290C
Cook time: 90 minutes
Internal temperature: 70C
Notes: No major changes.



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