Seaweed Lamb over Logs

192/18: Seaweed Lamb over Logs

192/18 – Seaweed Lamb over Logs:

I have a whole seaweed lamb in the freezer and I have been trying to think how best to cook it. As it’s quite special I wanted to keep it quite basic so I thought Seaweed Lamb over Logs!

The Meat:

I have loads of Shetland lamb cooks in my blog as I am a massive fan of the product, best quality lamb I have cooked and eaten. What is a little different is the Seaweed lamb. Left on an isolated peninsula they eat seaweed which is meant to sweeten the lamb and give it a mineral taste. The whole lamb cost me £100 delivered.

I decided to use a leg for this cook.

Seaweed Lamb over Logs

Leg bone and aitch bone out. The aitch bone is difficult but I am slowly getting better and removing it without taking loads of meat at the same time!

Seaweed Lamb over Logs

Butterflied and slashed the thin out.

Seaweed Lamb over Logs

The Cook:

Birch logs lit on the far side and left to smoulder before the lamb was placed on the top of the WSM.

Seaweed Lamb over Logs

It too less than an hour for the meat to hit 55c.

Seaweed Lamb over Logs

It looked and smelt fantastic!

Seaweed Lamb over Logs

Time to Eat:

Sliced up and some nice pink bits from the thicker part on the right for me.

Seaweed Lamb over Logs


Wow! This was such a tasty meal. The lamb was top quality, so juicy and such a great flavoured meat. The cook over logs was fun as always but the birch logs really added a nice smoky taste plus a good bit of colour to the meat.

Cook Difficulty: 3/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: WSM
Cook Method: Indirect / Logs
Charcoal: Birch Logs
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot
Cook time: 55 minutes
Internal temperature: 55c (ish) – Thermapen
Notes: No major changes


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