Rump Steak Santa Maria Style

177/18: Santa Maria Style Rump Steak

177/18 – Santa Maria Style Rump Steak:

It’s been a while since I cooked anything Santa Maria style but I saw Phil (Love2BBQ) cooking a few great cooks this way and it made me want to do it again too! I had a massive rump steak in the freezer which I had been trying to think how to cook so it became – Santa Maria Style Rump Steak.

The Meat:

1.4kg of Rump Steak from Turner and George – 1.2kg is £31.68 on their site.

It was a big bit of meat!

Rump Steak Santa Maria Style

The Cook:

I started a fire in the bottom of the WSM and dropped some oak logs on top. After about 45 minutes the fire was calm enough to put the meat in. Plenty of salt on top.

Rump Steak Santa Maria Style

Smouldering fire, massive logs! I couldn’t use my Meater probe as it wouldn’t connect to my phone again. I kept my eye on the meat and relied on the trusty Thermapen instead.Rump Steak Santa Maria Style

Some nice colour on the meat now.  

Rump Steak Santa Maria Style

The Thermapen was at 55c internal so it was time to rest.

Rump Steak Santa Maria Style

It was looking fantastic!

Rump Steak Santa Maria Style

Sliced open, nice and pink. So juicy!

Rump Steak Santa Maria Style


I am not normally a massive fan of rump steak but this was beautiful. Very tender, juicy and packed full of flavour. Cooking over logs is fantastic, I need to do it more often. The food takes on such a great flavour from the wood, tastes and smells awesome.

Cook Difficulty: 4/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Weber Smokey Mountain
Cook Method: Santa Maria Style
Charcoal: Local Oak Logs
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot!
Cook time: About 45 minutes
Internal temperature: 55C (Thermapen)
Notes: No major changes



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