Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

176/18: Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

176/18 – Fruit Pig Brunch Slice:

I am a massive fan of the Fruit Pig Black Pudding, I think it’s the best black pudding I have eaten – even better than Stornaway black pudding. When I saw they had launched a Brunch Slice with Sausage, Bacon and Black Pudding in it I had to have some! Time for Fruit Pig Brunch Slice breakfast.

The Meat:

1.8kg of Brunch Slice from Fruit Pig is £20.

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

They had a deal on for 4x625g (2.5kg) sticks of Black Pudding for £33 so I bought some of those too.

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

The Prep:

A full chimney of Resilient Woodlands Mixed Hardwood poured into the base of my Napoleon Pro 22.

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

The Cook:

Lodge cast iron pan on top to warm, a bit of oil then 4 slices of brunch slice (various levels of thickness based on the age and size of the person to eat it!) plus a slice of black pudding.

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

It all smelt fantastic.

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

Brioche buns lightly toasted. They didn’t take long as the grill was really hot. The brunch slices just needed a few minutes each side, I checked them with the Thermapen and took them off at 75c.

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

Time to Eat:

A little roll for my youngest daughter, just brunch slice and tomato sauce. Both the kids loved these!

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice

I needed a bit more in my roll so added the black pudding and a fried egg. Glorious!

Fruit Pig Brunch Slice


This was such a great breakfast. I already knew the black pudding was good but the brunch slice is equally awesome, highly recommended! It was so good that I had to go back out to the BBQ and cook more for my wife and I!

Cook Difficulty: 1/5 
Cook Duration: Quick: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22
Cook Method: Lodge Cast Iron Pan
Charcoal: Resilient Woodlands Mixed Hardwood
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot
Cook time: 10 minutes
Internal temperature: 75c
Notes: No major changes



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