Goat Merguez Patty Melt

146/18: Goat Merguez Patty Melt

146/18 – Goat Merguez Patty Melt:

When I first flicked through the recipes in the Berber & Q cookbook there were plenty of dishes that looked and sounded awesome but there was one in particular that I definitely wanted to cook: Merguez Patty Melt with Goat’s Cheese, Confit Shallots, Rose Harissa & Walnuts.

The Book:

This recipe is from Berber & Q by Josh Katz:

You can see all my previous cooks from this book by clicking the picture below:

Berber & Q

The Meat:

I have been cooking quite a few goat dishes lately and really enjoyed them. When I saw the recipe wanted Merguez sausages I remembered the goat Merguez sausages I had from Turner and George before. A blend of goat belly and shoulder then mixed with Moroccan spices. 6 x 60g sausages for £5.20.

Goat Merguez Patty Melt


Goat Merguez Patty Melt

The Prep:

With the oven preheated to 140c I put shallots in a roasting tray with loads of oil, bay leaves, rosemary and garlic. Covered with foil then roasted for 90 minutes.

I removed the skin from the sausages and shaped the meat into 4x patties.

Goat Merguez Patty Melt

The Thuros T1 was fired up with two handfuls of Oxford Charcoal Oak Lumpwood.

Goat Merguez Patty Melt

The Thuros T1 is a really cool bit of kit, I published a review last week:


Into my Lodge cast iron pan went some butter.

Goat Merguez Patty Melt

Once melted the patties went in.

Goat Merguez Patty Melt

Whilst they were sauteing I mixed Steenbergs Harissa with Rose and some oil in a pan until it darkened and thickened up. There is a recipe in the book for Rose Harissa but the Steenbergs mix is made with top quality ingredients, smells fantastic and reduces the amount of work required!

Goat Merguez Patty Melt

A quick note on Steenbergs. I first used one of their ingredients for the Berber & Q Smoked Chicken Thighs. The recipe calls for Orange Blossom water which I had never heard of! Steenbergs was the first result that Google produced and I ordered some. When it arrived it was in a glass bottle which looked good but the contents smelt and tasted fantastic. It definitely lifted that dish.

I had a better look on their website after that cook and was impressed with everything I read: A family run firm, committed to organic, Fairtrade, the environment and their people. The herbs and spices are ethically sourced and environmentally sound. A lot of their goods are sourced directly from farmers and suppliers they have visited and have direct relationships with. This reduces the supply chain and provides someone like myself with confidence the product is high quality and contains what is on the label. Keep an eye on the blog as I will be cooking with a lot more ingredients from Steenbergs going forward, I believe it’s going to lift the taste and quality of each dish.

The Harissa with Rose is £2.65 for 40g on the Steenbergs site or you can buy a 3 pack on Amazon with Prime delivery.

Time to flip the patties.
Goat Merguez Patty Melt

Mrs KungFuBBQ made a Rye loaf in the breadmaker. The 1st Rye loaf didn’t quite work so she tried a mixed Rye and white flour loaf which worked better. Two slices of the bread topped with the Rose Harissa, goats cheese, Merguez patty, more cheese, confit shallots and chopped walnuts. Then lid on and into the pan to melt the insides!

Goat Merguez Patty Melt

After a few minutes, flipped.

Goat Merguez Patty Melt

Time to Eat:

Sliced in half, drizzled with honey then garnished with dried rose petals and chopped walnuts. What an awesome looking sandwich!

Goat Merguez Patty Melt


So glad that I cooked this because it was incredible! Definitely one of my favourite dishes from this year for sure. As with all the cooks from the Berber & Q book so far the flavour combinations worked really well and just exploded in my mouth. The Goat Merguez patty was awesome with a nice crisp sear from being sauteed in butter but they also tasted fantastic. The honey garnish was a nice touch as were the rose petals, both adding flavour.

Such a great dish and the bonus was I had leftover patties which I used in more Patty Melts for lunch the next day. Will definitely cook this again!

Cook Difficulty: 3/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Thuros T1
Cook Method: Lodge Cast Iron Pan
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Oak Lumpwood
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot
Cook time: 12-15 minutes
Internal temperature: N/A
Notes: 1: The rye bread was falling apart a bit, try a more substantial loaf.
2: Make more patties next time!

The Book:

This recipe is from Berber & Q by Josh Katz:

The Thuros T1 is a cracking bit of kit, you can buy one here:

And lastly, the Lodge cast iron pan is the 26cm skillet:



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