Pork Loin

092/18: Pork Loin with Pickled Apples

092/18 – Pork Loin with Pickled Apples:

I cooked this recently, why did I cook it again so soon? Well, the last cook was a test run as we had friends coming round for lunch. Plus, the last cook was so tasty it was good to cook it again! Time for Pork Loin with Pickled Apples #3.

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This was the previous cook:

BBQ14/17: Pork Loin with Pickled Apples

And the first time I cooked it:

BBQ14/17: Pork Loin with Pickled Apples

The Meat:

A big 3.2kg Pork Loin from Olly at Rogers and Son – £32.03. Lovely bit of meat, great quality.

The Prep:

Skin and fat removed then the rub was made from Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Dark Brown Soft Sugar, Paprika and Onion Granules then applied to the meat. Glorious colour!

Pork Loin

The Cook:

The Kamado Joe Big Joe was used again as it was a big slab of meat and I wanted to fit potatoes in again. No room for carrots this time as the pork was so big so they went in the oven! With a firebox filled with Oxford Charcoal Oak Lumpwood I lit it and left it to warm up, once the KJ was at 200c in the dome I placed the pork in and dropped two apple chunks in from Smokewood Shack. I was using the Meater probe again and set it to alert at 60c.

When the meater said there was 20 minutes to go (40 minutes in) I put the potatoes in.  Pork Loin

The meat was looking good.

Pork Loin

Another 20 minutes in the Meater was alerting at 60c. Time to double check with the Thermapen. Spot on! (That is the Thermapen v4, review coming later!)

Pork Loin

Time to Rest:

Oh my, it really was looking fantastic. Some of the rub looked a bit dry in parts but I was confident that wrapping it in foil to rest would build up some moisture and soften those parts.

Pork Loin

Time to Slice:

Rested for 20 minutes then sliced. I used my Blenheim Forge Gyuto for this as the blade was about the same length as the pork! Razor sharp, it was easy to slice thinly by hand. The amount of juice coming off the pork was incredible, the meat looked very tender.

Pork Loin

Slightly different angle.

Pork Loin


Crikey, this was even better than last time! It was an easy dish to prep and an easy meal to cook. Exactly the same as last time, pork loin with pickled apples, roasted potatoes, cumin roasted carrots and some peas. Very relaxed cook on the KJ, time to chat to my pal whilst cooking and drink some beer but the food went down really well, especially with all the kids which is a result! For a Sunday roast or for entertaining, this is a great dish to cook. Special shout out to Olly and Rogers and Son, the pork was stunning. Very tasty, really juicy and very tender. Bargain at under £10 per kg.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe Big Joe
Cook Method: Indirect
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Oak
Smoking Wood: Smokewood Shack Apple
Cook temperature: 200c
Cook time: 1 hour then 20 minutes rest
Internal temperature: 65c ish
Notes: 1: No major changes for this one.


If you like the look of this recipe you can buy the book for £7 at Amazon.




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