Charcoal Dough Pizza

014/18: Charcoal Dough Pizza – Uuni 3

014/18 – Charcoal Dough Pizza – Uuni 3:

I listened to the UnitedQ podcast with Delivita the other week and Joe was talking about the charcoal activated pizza dough they make and sell. Charcoal Dough Pizza sounded like something I needed to try!

A quick Google suggested food grade activated charcoal is what I was after – £6.95 on Amazon.

The Dough:

It was actually a bit of a last minute cook this one so I just followed the Uuni dough recipe from the last cook:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

Item Weight Notes
Molino Grassi 00 flour 500g  
Water 300g 107.1g Boiling / 192.9g Cold Tap – Combined Temp: 38.1c
Oil 20g Rapeseed Oil
Salt 10g Maldon Sea Salt
Saf-Levure Dry yeast 7.1g Left for 10m after added to the water. Water temp dropped to 33c
Activated Charcoal 2 teaspoons Most recipes said 1 teaspoon but the dough looked a bit grey so I added another one!

Mixed on speed 2 for 10 minutes then it went into the plastic container to rest for 2 hours.

Charcoal Dough Pizza

After 2 hours I split the dough into 5 dough balls to prove for half an hour.

The Cook:

Back on pellets but only the second time doing pizza with pellets on the Uuni 3. I knew last time it burnt hot and got through a few pellets, this time I had a new toy to help keep the fire stoked!

Charcoal Dough Pizza

This is a jam funnel – £6.25 on Amazon I got the idea off the Uuni community as someone on there had bought one. Once the fire is lit, fill up the funnel and just keep it topped up, plenty of pellets to keep the fire raging and you don’t have to top it up so often.Charcoal Dough Pizza

The dough had seemed very soft when I left it to prove but it was really hard to stretch. Had I not left it to prove long enough? Had the charcoal affected the yeast? Had I rushed the whole dough making process? Not sure but it was hard work stretching the dough!

It was pretty hard cooking black dough because you couldn’t really see when it was cooked or if it was burning! I stuck to my original technique of 30 seconds, spin, 30 seconds, spin etc. Seemed to work well. The Uuni 3 was reading over 550c so the jam funnel was doing a great job!

Pizza #1 – not the prettiest!Charcoal Dough Pizza

Pizza #2 was a bit better.Charcoal Dough Pizza

Pizza #3 was better still. The Uuni was cracking, just held temp throughout.Charcoal Dough Pizza

Pizza #4 had some sort of eruption down one end! The chorizo didn’t fare well with the heat either.Charcoal Dough Pizza

Sideways shot of the dough:

I didn’t think the kids would eat this but they wolfed it down, my youngest left the crusts – she must have thought it was burnt!Charcoal Dough Pizza


Nice to try something different with the charcoal. The dough tasted pretty good even though it was a pain to stretch. Did the charcoal add anything to the taste? There was definitely a hint of char or burnt which I don’t think was from burning the pizza! It was good to try it but I would keep it for halloween in future!

The Uuni 3 with the jam funnel was brilliant, a lot easier to keep the fire going and maintain temperature. Highly recommend buying one for just over £6!


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