Uuni 2s gas

013/18: Uuni 2s Pizza – Gas

013/18 – Uuni 2s Gas:

Many thanks to Uuni for sending me the Gas attachment to have a play with. I will write up a more detailed review once I have used it a few more times.

I wanted to test it on the Uuni 2s first so attached the gas unit on the back by screwing the unit to the back of the pizza oven with the 2 screws and allen key provided. Very quick, very easy probably less than a minute to attach it. The hose to the regulator was harder to get right on fully but I dropped it in boiling water to soften the wiggled it up as far as possible! It runs on Patio Gas, I got an 11kg Filled Cylinder delivered for £53 from Gas Deal.

Uuni 2s gas

I turned on the gas and it fired into life!Uuni 2s gas

The Dough:

As I was using gas for the first time I didn’t cold prove the dough – the method was similar to this one:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

Item Weight Notes
Molino Grassi 00 flour 503.7g  
Water 300g 106.2g Boiling / 193.8g Cold Tap – Combined Temp: 38c
Oil 20g Rapeseed Oil
Salt 10g Maldon Sea Salt
Saf-Levure Dry yeast 7.1g Left for 10m after added to the water. Water temp dropped to 33c

The dough was mixed on speed 1 for 12 minutes then put into the 6L container from Amazon with the lid left on. This was kept inside for 2h30m:

Uuni container

The dough weighed 830g so I split it into 5 dough balls weighing 166g each and placed them in the Pizza Dough trays I got from Amazon

Uuni 2s gas

The dough balls were left for 2 hours at room temperature with a lid on.

Pizza topping tonight was Organic Pork Salami with Fennel from the wonderful Peelham Farm – I was given this after attending a cracking butchery course the weekend before. Great people delivering top quality meat, cured meats and charcuterie. I had quite a few slices of this Salami whilst I was cooking the pizzas and it was fantastic!

Uuni 2s gas

The Pizza Oven was fired up on max power. I had a bit of a play to see how to reach top temperature on the stone:

Time Temperature Config
12:57 0c Powered up – Door off, Chimney Cap off
12:59 207c “”
13:01 258c “”
13:03 300c “”
13:05 330c “”
13:07 343c Door off, Chimney Cap on
13:09 380c “”
13:11 395c “”
13:13 380c Door on, Chimney Cap off
13:15 390c Door propped slightly, Cap off
13:17 410c Door off, Cap on
13:19 420c “”

The maximum temp I could get the stone to on the Uuni 2s using gas was 420c so a fair bit lower than the 550c I normally get with pellets.

The dough was very stretchy, very easy to shape. Felt like the best dough so far. I stuck the first pizza in.Uuni 2s gas

Bit of charring on this one, as I went to take the pizza out I lifted it up and it hit the flames. You don’t get that with pellets as the flames drop once you take the door off, lesson number 1!Uuni 2s gas

I managed it again on pizza #2! There was no gap between #1 and #2, the stone was at 420c as soon as I checked it.Uuni 2s gas

I had learnt my lesson on pizza #3. No wait between pizzas again, straight on.Uuni 2s gas

Pizza #4 was pretty good.

Uuni 2s gas

Pizza #5 was pretty good too.
Uuni 2s gas


It was really interesting cooking on gas. It was a lot easier than pellets as the flames just run and you get to temp then pretty much leave it but maintain that same temperature. This leaves you able to focus on just building the pizzas and cooking them without having to maintain the fire and temperature.

I usually cook at 550c on pellets so 420c is quite a reduction in temperature. I couldn’t find any way to get the stone hotter even trying different combinations. As a result the pizzas were more baked than wood fired. You can see in the pictures the crust looks more like it’s been in a domestic oven rather than a pizza oven. There is no leoparding around the edge and underneath wasn’t overly fired either.

Don’t get me wrong, these pizzas are still a hundred times better than you can cook indoors or on a BBQ but I have made better ones using pellets. If you were cooking for loads of folk or just needed a hassle free cook the gas would be fine but I currently still prefer pellets. I am going to play with it a bit more to see if I can hit 500c or hopefully even 550c!


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6 thoughts on “013/18: Uuni 2s Pizza – Gas

  1. I’d be interested to know if you got any further with this. I can get to 415oC on mine with the door on, cap off, but when i switch to door off cap on it starts to go down to around 390-400oC. The pizzas seem more baked than fired. If there is a way to get the oven hotter with the gas burner I’d love to know about it.

    1. Hi Joe, I had a go on the Uuni 3 and got it to 450c but haven’t managed to get either one hotter than this. A friend of mine bought a different regulator and says he’s getting 550c so I am just waiting for him to cook again to double check!

        1. Hi Artie, I never managed to get it hotter than this even with a different regulator. 420C seems to be the maximum stone temperature on the 2S. I don’t think it has as much insulation as the 3 so it’s harder to maintain the heat.

  2. I made a casing for the uuni2 using vermiculite, hits 550C no problems now.

    12 parts vermiculite
    4 parts sand
    4 cement

    Make the base by shuttering edges, approx 6″ bigger than dimensions of oven

    Protect oven with thin cardboard, and cover to approx 4 or 5 inches. Let it go of and then it’s removable.

    Maybe use some chicken wire in layers when building the top. Mine hasn’t cracked, but wire would definitely strengthen it.

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