BBQ44/17: @grillstock Bristol Cheesesteak Sandwich in potato rolls

BBQ44/17: @grillstock Bristol Cheesesteak Sandwich in potato rolls:

I think I have only eaten a Philly Cheesesteak once before but I really enjoyed it and have meant to cook one for a long time! I was reading through the Grillstock book again the other day and spotted a recipe for Bristol Cheesesteak sandwich in potato rolls and as I knew I would have potato rolls left over from the Chilli dogs and I had some Bavette in the freezer it was a good way to squeeze in another cook and use stuff up.

I used the best looking potato rolls for the chilli dogs so the rolls left for this don’t look quite as good but it was my first go so they weren’t too bad!

I made the beef rub first: Sea salt, garlic powder, celery salt, oregano and black pepper. I sprinkled this all over the bavette steaks, they had a real good covering!

I set the grill up to cook directly with a high heat and the grill grates on top. I dropped in a couple of chunks of hickory then flash grilled the steaks for a couple of minutes each side turning them a few times.


I left the steak to cool for a bit whilst I heated up some rapeseed oil in a cast iron pan. I added a finely chopped onion and cooked until it started to brown then added a diced yellow pepper. A couple of minutes later I sliced the steak thinly and added it to the pan then added some cheese slices. The recipe said to use American cheese but I had some German smoked cheese left I wanted to finish off so I used that. After the cheese melted I started filling the rolls:






Another great dish this one, we had been out all day and I had driven a lot so it was nice to get something quick and easy to eat that tasted so good.

The rolls were a bit harder than the day before so I would try to make them on the day of eating in future. I would like to try this again with American cheese and add some of my smoked cheese. Far more cheese next time so it’s oozing cheese as you serve it!

The bavette tasted great (I sneaked a taste when slicing) – I would cook that again  with the Beef rub and have it as is. 


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