BBQ43/17: Chilli dogs in Potato rolls

BBQ43/17: Chilli dogs in Potato rolls:

We have had the Hot Dogs from Turner and George a few times now and haven’t found any better yet. I was placing an order for a few things so decided to buy a pack of dogs too. Looking on my cook list I spotted Chilli Dogs in Rich Harris’s book and having not eaten a chilli dog in an age I knew that was the recipe I wanted to cook! The recipe also has a link to another recipe for potato rolls, I have had some luck with the last few roll/bun cooks so thought I would give them a go too!

I made the potato rolls first thing in the morning, the recipe was fairly simple to follow. Right at the end you cut a shallow slit down the middle stopping 2cm from the end. I sliced too deep and pulled it apart so the rolls took an odd shape! Next time – Thin slice and don’t pull it apart.

I also made the Chilli in the morning. Again, the recipe is fairly simple to follow but the end result is fantastic. It’s a chilli recipe I will use to make more chilli without the dogs! The chorizo I used in the chilli was cooking chorizo from Iberico pork. I bought it from MeatMeAtHome but they don’t appear to stock it anymore which is a shame. The recipe calls for an ancho chilli, luckily I bought a load of Mexican ingredients when I bought the Breddo’s Taco’s cookbook and I had a bag of Ancho Chilli. It looked and smelt great!

Chilli dogs

I fired up the grill and once it was up to temperature with the grill grates on I put the hot dogs on to cook. I grilled them for about 10 minutes and took them off at 75c internal.

Chilli dogs

I then moved the dogs to the cooler side of the grill and lightly toasted the cut side of the rolls before spreading American mustard over the inside of the rolls, placing the dog inside then spooning over Chilli, onions and coriander. 

Chilli dogs

Chilli dogs

Great food for a Friday and to finish the week off!

I haven’t made potato rolls before and these were good but need more practice. Happy for a first attempt but need to shape them better and not split them when slicing. Wouldn’t change anything from the cook, it was pretty straight forward but tasted great! 


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