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Dishoom Day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner!)

Dishoom Day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner!):

I am a big fan of Dishoom and have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner with them a few times over the years. When I saw they were releasing a cookbook I had to buy it. With a rare day off and no plans I set about Dishoom Day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner!)!

Dishoom Book

The book is fantastic, full of great stories and cracking recipes – definitely recommend it:

Breakfast: Bacon Naan Roll

This was an early start as the Naan bread needed 2 1/2 hours rest in total before you cooked them!

Flour, salt, baking powder, caster sugar, milk and egg mixed, topped with oil then left to rest for 2 hours. Split into smaller balls on an oiled baking sheet then left to rest for another 30 minutes.

Flattened, rested then cooked in a cast iron pan on the hob. I had two pans on the go at any one time. One on the hob and one warming under the grill, we got a good routine going cooking them!

Bacon Naan

Once cooked I put the Naan bread in freezer bags as the steam keeps them soft and warm.

Whilst the dough was resting I made the tomato chilli jam: tomatoes, ginger, garlic, green chillies, rice vinegar and sugar. Tasty!

I took a pack of my home cured and oak smoked bacon then grilled it. One Naan bread with cream cheese, coriander leaves, bacon, green chilli then the tomato chilli jam. Served with Masala Chai (Assam, ginger, black peppercorns, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, cloves, sugar and milk.  

Bacon Naan Glorious!

I really enjoyed the bacon naan’s, for me this was the main dish I wanted to cook from Dishoom as it’s one of my favourites and without sounding like a big head it was almost as good as the ones from Dishoom. I loved it! Plus, the Masala Chai was awesome too. What a start to the day!

Lunch: Mattar Paneer

I wasn’t actually hungry at lunch time after two bacon Naan’s but it was no time to back out!

Onion tomato masala first: Oil, onions, garlic paste, ginger paste, deggi mirch chilli powder (I used Kashmiri chilli powder), tomato puree, salt and tomatoes. All in a pan at different stages and cooked for about an hour all in.

Into the onion tomato masala went salt, tomato puree, sugar, garam masala and cumin followed by peas, water and paneer cubes then cream and chopped coriander.

Mattar Paneer

This was a fantastic dish, super tasty and the sauce was cracking. I just wanted to keep eating this one!

Dinner: Mutton Pepper Fry

The marinade was made from ginger paste, garlic paste, turmeric and rapeseed oil. I added the mutton leg chunks to the marinade and left it in the fridge for 2 hours.

Spice masala was made from red chillies, cinnamon stick, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, fennel, clove and curry leaves. This was toasted in a pan then ground to a powder.

The curry was made from Rapeseed oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chillies, ginger paste, garlic paste, deggi mirch chilli powder, turmeric, long pepper powder, black pepper and tomatoes. Once everything had been mixed and cooked I added the mutton and let it simmer for 2 hours.

The Malabar Paratha’s were interesting to make, quite different to any breads I had made before. Flour, salt, sugar, milk and oil all mixed together, kneaded, topped with oil and left to rest for an hour.

The dough was split into small balls, rolled then shaped into a concertina and rolled up. This was then cooked in a hot cast iron pan on the hob and brushed with butter.

Mutton Pepper Fry

This was yet another fantastic dish, so tasty and the paratha’s were awesome. Will definitely make this meal again!

You can buy the Dishoom cookbook here:

What a great day of cooking and eating, really enjoyed all 3 dishes and even better was that we had leftovers for the next day too!
It was great fun cooking three dishes in one day but it was a lot of work, next time I have a day off I might have a quieter day!



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