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Competition / Ooni Blog Page:

When I first got my Ooni 2S (Or Uuni as it was back then) I started keeping notes to try and improve my pizza cooks. These notes made it into a page on the blog called the Uuni Hints and Tips page. It was only really meant for my own use but a number of folk found it quite helpful which was good to hear.

Over time that single page got too big and was too hard to manage. Uuni changed their name to Ooni and I got my Ooni Pro which I was going to write about so it was the perfect time to redo the page.

I have spent a fair bit of time breaking all of the information out from that single page into multiple sections which should make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. It’s not the finished article by any means but it will be a lot easier for me to maintain and update now so hopefully it will just get better and better.

The new page can be found here:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

Really keen to get feedback to see what people feel is missing from the pages, if anyone has any questions or thinks anything should be added just let me know through any of the social media channels (below).


To celebrate the launch of the new page I am going to run a competition to give away my Ooni 2S pizza oven. Now that I have the 2S, the 3 and the Pro the 2S is currently sitting in my shed which is a shame as it’s a great bit of kit so rather than sit in my shed I would rather it went to someone who can make good use of it and cook some great pizzas.

The competition details will be released on Friday 17/08/2019 through the mailing list. Subscribe to the mailing list below by 7pm on Friday 17/08/2019 to get instructions on how to enter the competition. It won’t be hard to enter, I promise!

It’s not as shiny as this any more but I will clean it up before it goes out.

Weber Kettle



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