Butterflied Haunch of Venison (+Others!)

Butterflied Haunch of Venison (+Others!)

A few weeks back I bought half a venison from Butchery at Bowhouse for £40 and have been slowly working my way through it. Next up was Butterflied Haunch of Venison.

The Meat:

Here is the rolled haunch – labelled as £18.

The Prep:

Unrolled and cut to try and level the meat out to a similar thickness. Rapeseed oil, rosemary, garlic and salt.

The Cook:

I used the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 for this one again as I wanted to cook a lot of side dishes and this grill is massive!

Green beans, asparagus, sweetcorn, mushrooms and dauphinoise potatoes on with the venison.

venison haunch

I cooked the venison direct over the heat and just kept flipping it every 10 minutes or so. What a great colour!

Sliced, nice and pink.

Sweetcorn, asparagus and green beans came out well.

Dauphinoise potatoes could have done with a bit more cheese I think, it tasted nice though!

Time to Serve:

All onto the tray so the family can serve themselves.

Time to Eat:

My dinner all plated up, I was looking forward to this.

Another great roast dinner on the big gas grill, so much space it makes it an easy cook.


We haven’t had venison for Sunday Roast for a long time so this made a nice change, really simple cook too.
Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Prestige Pro 825
Cook Method: Gas
Charcoal: N/A
Smoking Wood: Touch of oak
Cook temperature: 250°C
Cook time: 50 minutes
Internal temperature: 55°C
Notes: No major changes for this one

Also cooked this week:

What else was cooking in the shack this week?

Steak and Chips (Rib Eye):

Following the Monday night = steak night theme, next up was Rib Eye Steaks from the Butchery at Bowhouse.

Rib Eye

Cooked on the Thuros T1 steak machine again.

Rib Eye

Few minutes cooked direct each side then off to rest. Nice and pink.

Rib Eye

This was a great quality steak, one of the best rib eyes I have eaten in a while. So tasty!

Chorizo, goats cheese and cumin borek:

Another recipe from Simply. Quite an easy one to prepare with pre bought pastry. You blitz the chorizo in a food processor and add the other ingredients then layer pastry, filling, pastry etc.

Chorizo borek

It looked and smelt fantastic!

Chorizo borek

My goodness, the taste was awesome!

Chorizo borek

Served with Pear, Chickpea and Green Leaf Salad from the same book

Chorizo borek

This was also really tasty and worked well with the borek.

Chorizo borek

I really enjoyed this meal and the leftovers the next day. A simple one to cook but I definitely recommend it!

This recipe is from Simply:

Goat Schnitzel:

I bought some goat chops from Cabrito Goat and when I saw the Goat Schnitzel recipe I had to make it!

Goat chops bashed flat with a rolling pin:

Goat Schnitzel


Goat Schnitzel

Oil and butter

Goat Schnitzel

Shallow fried for a few minutes each side

Goat Schnitzel

Nice colour

Goat Schnitzel

They came out so well!

Goat Schnitzel

Close up

Goat Schnitzel

I had schnitzel in Germany last time I visited and really enjoyed it, these were equally as good.

This recipe is from Goat:

Detroit Pizza:

I followed the Ooni recipe for this one. It was a bit of a rush on the day so I couldn’t leave the dough as long as I wanted to.

detroit pizza

Fired up the Ooni Pro with Ash from Smokey Oak Barbecues.

detroit pizza

Part baked the base. A good tip I got afterwards was to warm up the pan on top of the Ooni as it heated up to help brown the base and to put it on top after.

detroit pizza

My cheese burnt a bit, I would cover it with foil next time. Maybe a bit less sauce looking at this one too!

detroit pizza

I do love a Detroit pizza, such a substantial eat. Mine aren’t perfect by any means, I still have a lot to learn to improve them but I will keep trying!

Orange and Leek Loukaniko Greek Sausages:

Everyone loves a sausage and this was another recipe I had to try.

Goat Shoulder

Orange and Leek Loukaniko Greek Sausages

Flipped over

Orange and Leek Loukaniko Greek Sausages


Orange and Leek Loukaniko Greek Sausages

Minced then into the sausage machine

Orange and Leek Loukaniko Greek Sausages

Onto the KJ to cook

Orange and Leek Loukaniko Greek Sausages


Orange and Leek Loukaniko Greek Sausages

This took me all afternoon to prepare and cook,I was shattered afterwards but it was good fun and they were nice sausages!

This recipe is from Goat:
That’s it for this blog post, some great cooks and a good week of eating! Until next time.

The books used in these cooks and equipment I recommend can be seen in my Amazon Store:

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