BBQ73/17: Hang Fire’s Pit Beans

BBQ73/17 – Hang Fire’s Pit Beans:

Pit Beans: I love the Hang Fire Cookbook, so many great recipes in there and this was another one from the book on my list to cook.

The smoker was on cooking a couple of pork butts so I wanted to make use of some spare space to cook something else up – Pit Beans it was!

I made the seasoning mix first: Smoked paprika, ground cumin, oregano, chilli powder, garlic powder, cinnamon, black pepper and sea salt. I put this in a bowl and added some water to make a paste. The paste smelt really good, I could smell the smokiness from the paprika.

I then took my the big pan which I use in the smoker and fried some diced onions until soft. I added garlic, red pepper and jalapenos before mixing in the seasoning paste. Chopped tomatoes, beef stock and barbecue sauce (I used the Kansas City Tribute Sauce I made for the Butterfly Pork Butt Burnt Ends) and stirred it well. 

I had one slab of brisket left from the Franklin Style Brisket cook so I cubed it up and added it to the pan. (Now I have no brisket left I have a good excuse to cook another one!) – I also added red kidney beans, pinto beans and haricot beans to the mix.

I gave it a good stir then put it in the smoker for 6 hours whilst the pork butts were cooking. When I took it out the colour was fantastic!

pit beans

I gave it a quick stir to mix everything back up.

pit beans

This is a great dish with a fantastic taste. A good mix of smoke, spice and a nice kick from the chilli powder and jalapenos. I will definitely make this again when the smoker is on as it’s pretty simple to make but a good way to use up any leftover meats you have too.

pit beans



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