BBQ63/17: Oak Smoked Hot Links

BBQ63/17: Oak Smoked Hot Links:

Hot Links: The smoker was on cooking a brisket and I had some Turner and George Hot Link sausages to be cooked. Result: An easy lunch!

I put the sausages on the lower rack of the smoker and added some more oak chunks then left them alone for 3 hours. I checked the internal temperature and they were around 65c so I gave them an extra half hour and took them out.


You can see some of the sausages look like they have blisters, this is fat build ups under the skin. Not sure how to avoid that really! Doesn’t look great but they still tasted great!



Just a very basic lunch so they went into some brioche rolls, no sauce, no mustard, no onions.


Great quality sausages from Turner and George and a very simple lunch making use of the heat and space in the smoker whilst a bigger cook is underway. The smoky taste from the oak was great and the sausages were very juicy, this might have been as the fat didn’t escape during the cook. 


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