BBQ49/17: Smoky Sausage Pasta

BBQ49/17: Smoky Sausage Pasta:

Smoky sausage pasta: Many, many years ago when I left home I couldn’t really cook. About the only “dish” I could pull together was a dish I called “Sausage Pasta” which consisted of penne pasta, sausages, tomato soup and cheese. It sounds pretty poor but it was the ultimate comfort food and I would make it in big batches then eat it for days on end! I have made it a few times since and my kids wolf it down. I have been trying to think of things to cook in the smoker during long smokes to make the most of the fuel getting burnt and I remembered this dish recently. 

I got some Le Pig sausages from Turner and George which looked cracking. I fried them in a pan then chopped them up (sneaking a few tastes!) then boiled the penne for 10 minutes before putting both in a cast iron dish and pouring 2 cans of tomato soup in. I then grated a whole block of Pilgrim’s choice extra mature cheddar putting half in and stirring it through then putting the other half on top for a cheese crust. I put some freshly ground black pepper on top then put it in the smoker.


The smoker was burning cherry chunks for the pork belly recipe. After 2 hours the pasta looked like this:


The cherry smoke from Smokewood Shack smelt great and pulling the pasta dish out I could really smell the smoke on the food, I was looking forward to tasting it!


pastaOn the plate: pasta

This dish doesn’t sound like much and probably doesn’t look like much but it’s really easy to make and with the addition of the cherry smoke it was so tasty. A great lunch for when the smoker is on and one which I will repeat in future I think!

The kids wolfed it down which is always handy!

I have added bacon before and I will give that a go next time. There was a good amount of sausages in this dish but no matter how many you put in it’s never enough!


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