BBQ28/17: DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

BBQ28/17: DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb:

I have seen this DJ BBQ recipe cooked a few times by Paul Niland (@Paul_Niland) and it’s always looked fantastic so I was keen to cook it myself – Easter Sunday was a great excuse to cook some lamb!

This recipe is from the DJ BBQ cook book – The BBQ Book – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:

I ordered the lamb from Farmison and asked for them to de-bone it and butterfly it for me as I still haven’t been brave enough to attempt it myself! I will watch a Scott Rea video and give it a go soon! The lamb was 2kg of Texel lamb and cost £44.95. 

On the day of the cook the lamb was removed from the fridge and left to come up to room temperature. I finely sliced garlic then cut shallow incisions all over the lamb before pushing a slice of garlic and some rosemary leaves into each incision. I then drizzled a little bit of oil on both sides of the lamb with some salt and pepper.

I set the BBQ up with 2 zones (direct/indirect), placed a drip tray under the indirect side and added some Whisky Oak chunks to the lit charcoal before placing the lamb over direct heat. The recipe says to cook over direct heat for 20 minutes and flip the meat every minute. It was flaring up a bit but with the kettle lid on and flipping it regularly it seemed to be fairly under control! I made sure the fatty side of the lamb got a good blast of heat as I wanted the fat to crisp up a bit. Once it was a good colour I moved the lamb to the indirect side and started to make the glaze (red chilli, redcurrant jelly, dark brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and mustard powder).

I was aiming to cook the lamb just into the medium range (65c plus) so set the iGrill to alert at 60c so I could apply the glaze.

I must have blasted it with a lot of heat during the first 20 minutes as the internal temperature was in the high 50’s when I put the probe in. I used the Thermapen to check the rest of the leg and saw some parts were much cooler. Because the lamb was butterflied it varied in thickness all over the joint so it’s not really possible to get it the same temperature all over but what you end up with is a mix of medium rare, medium and crispy bits which is awesome!

Anyway, I applied the glaze with a silicon brush. The colour of the lamb now was fantastic!

DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

Once some of the thicker parts of the meat hit 65c I took the lamb off the BBQ and left it to rest for 10 minutes. 

DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

The rosemary had long since crisped up with the direct cooking so I sprinkled some more on, mainly for the photos lol!

DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

I had the usual trepidation as I sliced into the meat hoping to see some pink:

DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

I thinly sliced the meat and eat at least 5 slices before I started plating it up. The smell and taste of the lamb was unreal and the meat was so soft and tender.

DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

The side dish was a Greek vegetable bake called Briam, it was really nice and worked well with the lamb. Bit of feta on top next time I think.

I wouldn’t change anything with this one next time, I really enjoyed it and will add it to the hitlist to make more often!

The Book:

This recipe is from the DJ BBQ cook book – The BBQ Book – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:




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