BBQ18/17: DJ BBQ Kick-Ass Fish Tacos

BBQ18/17: DJ BBQ Kick-Ass Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos: As part of my efforts to try and cook more fish I thought it was time to finally try and cook fish tacos. The last ones I had were Breddos Tacos Baja fish tacos at Dinerama and they were fantastic. Unfortunately they were fried and I needed a recipe for the BBQ. Luckily, I had “Kick-Ass Fish Tacos” on my list from DJ BBQ’s cook book so decided to make them.

This recipe is from the DJ BBQ cook book – The BBQ Book – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:

As usual I did as much prep the night before and made the Mexican Rub, Mango Salsa and Spicy Guacamole:

  • Mexican Rub: Dark brown sugar, sea salt, ground cumin, chilli powder, onion granules, garlic granules, cayenne pepper and hot smoked paprika.
  • Mango Salsa: Ripe mango, red onion, cucumber, coriander leaves, lime juice and sea salt.
  • Spicy Guacamole: Ripe avocados, ripe plum tomatoes, coriander leaves, red chilli, lime juice, lemon juice, sea salt and ground black pepper.

The rub, salsa and guacamole were all easy enough to make. The rub smelt good, the salsa and guacamole tasted nice.

Next day, my wife went to get me 600g of halibut or other firm white fish fillets from the fishmonger. It was the afternoon by the time she had a chance to get down there and the only white fish left was monkfish (£14 for 600g). The recipe calls for the fish flakes to be pulled apart after you grill it and monkfish isn’t really built like that so it wasn’t going to be quite right but we were confident it would still taste good!

I rinsed the fish, dried it with kitchen towel then I put the Mexican rub into my shaker and applied all the rub to all sides of the fish.

When I cooked the cold smoked cod in BBQ 15/17 I took a note that next time I cooked fish I should use a fish basket or the smoking basket and a fish slice or similar to flip the fish over to stop it breaking up. I opted to use the smoking basket and a fish slice but I must have had a brain freeze because after the BBQ was ready for some reason I took the fish out of the basket and put it directly onto the grill! 

The fish slice was a big help, much easier to flip the fish than using the bbq tongs and the fish remained intact. I cooked it for 5 minutes in total but the bigger piece needed a bit of extra cooking so it got an extra couple of minutes.

Whilst the fish was cooking I had heated up the tortillas in a pan then thinly sliced some red cabbage and mixed it with cider apple vinegar. Once the fish was ready I built the tacos with fish, salsa, guacamole and the red cabbage.

Loads of photos below because I love the colours! The Tacos were really tasty, I wouldn’t really change anything except try it again with a flaky white fish rather than Monkfish. Great recipe by DJ BBQ though:

I cooked this on Oxford Charcoal Ash, it has a light, delicate taste and is good for fish. It burnt out pretty quickly so it’s worth cooking quickly once it’s ready!

The Book:

This recipe is from the DJ BBQ cook book – The BBQ Book – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:




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