Pork Tenderloin

BBQ131/17: Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloins

BBQ131/17 – Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloins:

Since it got colder I have been curing and smoking a fair amount of bacon to the point where the freezer is close to overflowing! I was thinking about meat I could wrap with bacon and decided to have a go at Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloins. From my cook list I spotted a recipe for Butterflied Stuffed Tenderloins in the Grillstock book.

This recipe is from the Grillstock cook book – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:


The Meat:

The Pork Tenderloins were from Puddledub Pork and cost £4.89 for 300g – I had 3 of these.

The bacon was Pork Bellies from Puddledub pork cured in Gran Luchito chilli paste and smoked for 60 hours (5 x 12) over Cherry and Hickory.

The Prep:

I butterflied the pork tenderloins by making a cut down one side then opening it up, placing a sheet of cling film on top then bashing it with my hand to flatten it. I still have some pork rub I made for the pulled pork so dusted the pork with this.

BBQ75/17: Reds True BBQ Pulled Pork

Sweet Piquante Peppers were chopped and placed in the pork along with some goats cheese. The recipe gets you to tie the meat up at this point but I decided to wrap it with bacon instead! Another dusting of pork rub on top – the far one only had a light dusting as the mother in law was eating with us and can’t take too much spice!

Pork Tenderloin

I lit a full chimney of Oxford Charcoal Hardwood Blend and spread the fuel over the base of the grill leaving a small space to move the meat if it flared up.

The Cook:

The meat went into the centre of the grill to cook directly. I added some Apple chips from Hot Smoked.

Pork Tenderloin

10 minutes in they were taking on a nice colour. No sign of the bacon burning so I left it where it was.

Pork Tenderloin

After 30 minutes the meat was reading 70c internal temperature so I took it off.

Time to Eat:

It was looking and smelling great! Some of the bacon had charred, I should have turned it more often.

Pork Tenderloin


This was a great midweek meal, very quick to prep and easy to cook. The mother in law enjoyed it so much she went back for me! Great tasting meat and a good combo, I would take it off a bit sooner next time 65c maybe even 60c and let it rest to carry for a while.

The Gran Luchito cured bacon worked well, a nice hint of smoke and spice from the chilli paste and a good kick of smoke from 60 hours over hickory and cherry.

Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Direct
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Hardwood Blend
Smoking Wood: Hot Smoked Apple Chips
Cook temperature: 250C
Cook time: 30m
Internal temperature: 70c
Notes: 1: Rotate the meat more often

2: Take it off earlier, 65c maybe 60c


The Book:

This recipe is from the Grillstock cook book – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:






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