BBQ08/17: Chargrilled Duck Breast with Peas, Broad Beans and Hot Mint Sauce

BBQ08/17 – Chargrilled Duck Breast:

On my last Farmison order I spotted Duck Breasts and remembered a recipe in Ben Tish’s book I liked the look of: “Chargrilled duck breast with peas, broad beans and hot mint sauce.” I decided to team this up with Potatoes in a bag and charred corn with smoked chilli butter.

This recipe is from Grill Smoke BBQ by Ben Tish – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:

I scored the duck breast skin in a criss cross pattern trying not to hit the meat under the skin then I placed the breasts in a red meat brine from the recipe and left it to soak for an hour.

The potatoes usually take 40m but I was a bit short of time on this cook so I par boiled them for 20m and cooked them on the bbq for 20m, they weren’t as good as previous ones cooked fully on the bbq but they were still nice and it’s handy to have a shortcut method if needed.

I have cooked sweetcorn on the bbq before and never been overly happy with it but this recipe (from Rich Harris’s book) has you boil the corn for 3m before cooking direct on the bbq for 15m. This worked really well and accompanied with the chilli butter which uses chipotle chilli’s it was a great side dish I will cook more often.

The duck was cooked indirect with the skin down for 4m and then moved to the direct zone (still skin down) for 5m and then it was flipped for 2m. I checked the temperature with each move and pulled the meat off to rest in foil at 55c. It took me a while to get everything ready to plate so it sat for about 15m. 


When I sliced the meat I was so happy to see it was pink inside, there was a lot of juice too. It looked great!

I plated up the Peas, broad beans and hot mint sauce (which was easy to make but very tasty would be a good side dish on it’s own) and then placed the duck slices on top.

I then plated up the potatoes and sweetcorn:

The outside looked a bit black at first but after eating it I wouldn’t change anything about this cook, the duck was so tasty. I think it could be one of my favourite cooks on the BBQ so far, I will be ordering duck more often for sure!  

This recipe is from Grill Smoke BBQ by Ben Tish – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:




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