BBQ06/17: Cold smoked, reverse dirty seared Pave Rump Steak

BBQ06/17 – Cold smoked, reverse dirty seared Pave Rump Steak:

I got the inspiration for this from Kyloe restaurant in Edinburgh who had a special on one night which was a 40 day aged, cold smoked Pave rump steak! I didn’t order it as they had a 60 day aged rib eye from Hardiesmill (#3 on the documentary Steak Revolution) which I was desperate to try but I did get a bite of the rump and it was great! The smoky taste from the cold smoking was unlike anything I had tasted in a steak before. As I had been cold smoking a lot of bacon up to this point I thought it was time to cold smoke a steak! This cook isn’t the first time I have done this dish but the method hasn’t changed from the first time.

The rump steaks were from Farmison and I just patted them down with paper before cold smoking them overnight with Whisky Oak from Smokewood Shack in the ProQ CSG.


This is how they looked the next morning:

You can see a little bit of yellow colour in the meat and fat from the cold smoking. It smelt great! I do like a strong smoky taste, you might not in which case reduce the smoking time down accordingly.

I cooked on Oxford Charcoal Sweet Chestnut as it burns hot and fast which is great for a dirty steak. It has a sweet, light flavour to it also. The steaks were cooked indirectly up to 45c and were then placed directly onto the coals for 2m per side which took them to 55c (Medium Rare) when I took them off and put them in a foil tent to rest for 15m.

As always, I was hoping to see a good bit of pink inside when I sliced it open – was really happy with what I saw on this one:

No sides on the bbq this time but I cooked seasoned fries from the Byron book which are so good. The chips are fried twice but the seasoning rub you make is addictive!

I have cold smoked a lot of steaks over the past year and it really adds to the smoky taste which you can’t get (or I haven’t managed to get) from just cooking it on the charcoal. Really recommend trying it!


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