BBQ04/17: Longhorn Cote de Boeuf reverse seared dirty

BBQ04/17 – Longhorn Cote de Boeuf Reverse Dirty Seared:

Cote de Boeuf Reverse Dirty Seared: I cooked a couple of big Galician Blonde steaks from Turner and George a while back and really enjoyed them but wanted to try a few different UK steaks as well. I have had a lot of beef from Martin’s Meats in 2016 and it’s always been fantastic quality. The beef is from Longhorn cattle and it’s properly dry aged but in a Himalayan salt chamber! Anyway, these had been in the freezer a little while and I was looking to free up some space so it was a good excuse to cook them.

The big Galician steaks had cooked well previously using the reverse sear method but they didn’t have much of a crust on so I wanted to sear them by cooking them dirty at the end directly on the coals.

I had been quite organised ahead of this and listed all the Oxford Charcoal I had and what they recommended each one was used to cook. I had a bag of Sweet Chestnut and Matt said it was great for dirty steaks as it has a sweet, light flavour but burns hot and fast.

That picture shows the size of the steaks, the left one is 750g and the right one 500g. Oak chunks in the background for scale!

I cooked these indirectly up to 45c internal and then moved them directly to the hot coals for a couple of minutes each side until they hit 55c. I took them off and left them to rest under a foil tent for about 15 minutes. 

The fries are “Seasoned fries” from the Byron cookbook. Fried twice and coated with the season rub. Really easy to make but they taste fantastic!


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