186/18: Joetisserie Chicken

186/18 – Joetisserie Chicken:

When I ordered my Thanksgiving Turkey from Fosse Meadows I added a chicken to the order as well as I have wanted to try their chicken for ages. I haven’t used my Joetisserie much so decided to get it set up. Time for Joetisserie Chicken.

The Meat:

A medium chicken from Fosse Meadows – £15.04 for a 2kg bird.

Joetisserie Chicken

The Prep:

Angus & Oink Big Phat Greek rub applied all over.

Time to Cook:

London Log Co Holm Oak lit in a chimney starter and poured into the base of the KJ. Joetisserie on top and time to slot the bar in.

Joetisserie Chicken

Looking good!

Joetisserie Chicken

Now, I wish I had a photo but I nuked the chicken! When I went to check on it the skin was totally black. I think my charcoal placement wasn’t the best for the Joetisserie, the smoking wood must have caught and burnt the chicken. Ben Forte gave me some tips that I will follow next time: Charcoal down one end, sometimes put a foil tray in. So rather than both sides like in the Napoleon or Weber kettles it’s better to have one pile away from the meat.

However, all was not lost. The skin came off quite easily and left behind some very tasty and juicy meat. The dark meat in particular was spectacular.

Joetisserie Chicken

The white meat was awesome too.

Joetisserie Chicken



The chicken tasted fantastic even after I burnt the outside! I will need to get another one and do it properly to see if it tastes even better. Learning lessons on the Joetisserie, always good to learn and improve.

Cook Difficulty: 3/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe Big Joe
Cook Method: Joetisserie
Charcoal: London Log Co Holm Oak
Smoking Wood: Cherry and Oak
Cook temperature: About 250c
Cook time: 90 minutes
Internal temperature: 70c (Thermapen)
Notes: With the Joetisserie bank the coals at one end away from the meat.



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