Manga Sausage Fry Up

180/18: Manga Sausage Fry Up

180/18 – Manga Sausage Fry Up

Following on from the Fruity Black Manga Burgers I had kept some mince back to make sausages for a Manga Sausage Fry Up.

The Meat:

Loads of Mangalitza pork from Olly at Rogers and Son.

Manga Sausage Fry Up

Diced up ready for the mincer.

Manga Sausage Fry Up

All the gear and no idea! This mincer is cracking, I got it from Weschenfelder and it’s minced everything thrown at it so far.

Manga Sausage Fry Up

Look at the fat!

Manga Sausage Fry Up

For my birthday my wife bought me a Trespade Little Demon sausage stuffer from Weschenfelder, I saw Scott Rea use one in his videos so that was good enough a recommendation for me! I don’t have a photo for some reason, I will take one on the next run. My daughter helped me make the sausages and we soaked the hog skins for an hour beforehand. The mince was mixed with Weschenfelder gold pork seasoning then run through the 2nd largest nozzle. A few split on the way as the casing stuck on the nozzle, I think the skins should be soaked longer next time and a spare pair of hands helping guide the skin would stop any issues. 

Manga Sausage Fry Up

Time to Cook:

Since I got my Napoleon Pro 22 I have been trying all my Weber Kettle gear on it (Rotisserie, Grill grates and Vortex) – now it was time for the Kamado Joe Big Joe cast iron. It fits perfectly, just sitting over the rim of the bowl.

Manga Sausage Fry Up

More Holm Oak from London Log co fired up in a chimney then poured into the bowl.

The sausages went on first as they take the longest, I put the tin of beans on to heat slowly too. After a while I added the mushrooms (with butter) to one Lodge cast iron pan and sliced tomatoes to another pan.

Manga Sausage Fry Up

When the mushrooms and tomatoes were ready I took one pan off and left them in the pan to keep warm. A third cast iron pan went on and the Fruit Pig brunch slices went in with Fruit Pig black pudding in the other pan.

Manga Sausage Fry Up

The brunch slice is bacon, sausage and black pudding. Glorious!

Manga Sausage Fry Up

The black pudding.

Manga Sausage Fry Up

Time to Eat:

It was getting a bit hectic near the end so no more cooking photos! I cooked eggs in my mini lodge cast iron pans, these are awesome for fried eggs. My home cured and smoked bacon went onto the griddle along with tatty scones and fried bread. Everything was served in a cast iron pan (that’s my one below!) to keep it warm. Idea copied from a local restaurant.

Manga Sausage Fry Up


First go making sausages on my new stuffer but my goodness they were so tasty. I learnt a lot first run and should improve each time but next time I will drop down a nozzle for smaller sausages, keep the course grind, soak the skins longer and get my wife to help guide the skins off the nozzle.

This was my favourite breakfast I have cooked so far. Last time I cooked one people were messaging me to say I had missed stuff out, hopefully I got everything this time!

The Fruit Pig brunch slices and black pudding were awesome again. Just give them a couple of minutes each side, that’s all they need.

Really impressed with the Napoleon Pro 22 still, so versatile and a result that all my existing gear fits it. 

Cook Difficulty: 3/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22
Cook Method: Cast Iron Pans and KJ Cast Iron
Charcoal: London Log Co Holm Oak
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot
Cook time: 20 minutes
Internal temperature: 70c (Thermapen)
Notes: See the sausage notes above.



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