Angry Roast Chicken

160/18: Angry Roast Chicken

160/18 – Angry Roast Chicken:

I have been working my way back through the Mowgli Street Food book, so many great recipes in there! Next up was Angry Roast Chicken with Fenugreek kissed fries.


A 2.2kg whole chicken from Gartmorn farm, £12. I mainly cook only with chicken from these guys these days as it’s some of the highest quality and best tasting chicken I have eaten to date.

Angry Roast Chicken

The Prep:

I made a spice rub with yogurt, turmeric, chilli powder, ground coriander, ground cumin, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and salt. The exciting thing was that I had all the spices from Steenbergs so every part of the rub would be made from their ingredients!

Angry Roast Chicken

Read more about Steenbergs in this post:

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Mixed together and then the chicken was slashed in the breasts and thighs before the spice rub was thoroughly rubbed into the meat.

Angry Roast Chicken

New charcoal – Alder Lumpwood from Resilient Woodlands. Some big old pieces in the bag, looked good quality and it says it’s great for chicken. A full chimney was fired up then poured into charcoal baskets set to each side of the Napoleon Pro 22 grill.

Angry Roast Chicken

The Cook:

Hang on, that looks like a rotisserie? But you can’t get a rotisserie for the Napoleon Pro 22? Well, undo the lid bolt, take the lid off and put your generic 57cm rotisserie ring on top of the grill. In this case it was my Weber rotisserie I used. The rotisserie ring sits solidly on the grill and the lid sits nicely on top of the rotisserie ring. If you have a Weber rotisserie and fancy a Napoleon grill then you can reuse the rotisserie which is great news. The lid takes under a minute to pop off so no drama. Chicken slotted in and a lump of cherry in each basket.

Angry Roast Chicken

Plenty of room.

Angry Roast Chicken

Weber Rotisserie on the Napoleon Pro 22 grill.

Angry Roast Chicken

After 1h25m the Meater probe reported the chicken had hit the target temperature of 70c internal. The Meater probe had been stuck deep into the thigh to make sure it was fully cooked.  Angry Roast Chicken

Looking and smelling glorious!

Angry Roast Chicken

Such crispy skin, I was looking forward to carving this!

Angry Roast Chicken

Time to Eat:

Served with Fenugreek Kissed Fries (turmierc, fenugreek seeds, red onion, red chilli, fresh coriander and green chilli pickle) – the potatoes are par-boiled then you shallow fry them. These were cooked in the kitchen but possibly could have been cooked in the pan under the chicken.

Angry Roast Chicken


Such a tasty meal this one! The chicken tasted fantastic, such a great range of flavours in each bite but the meat was also tender and juicy whilst the skin was really crispy. Cherry chunks work well with chicken as they add a light, fruity hint of smoke but add a lovely bit of colour to the chicken skin.

The fenugreek kissed fries worked really well with the angry roast chicken and both dishes had a nice kick from the spices. Leftovers the next day tasted even better!

Cook Difficulty: 3/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22 / Weber Rotisserie
Cook Method: Rotisserie
Charcoal: Resilient Woodlands Alder
Smoking Wood: Cherry Chunk
Cook temperature: Hot!
Cook time: 1h25m
Internal temperature: 70C (Meater and Thermapen)
Notes: No major changes



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