Bone in Rib Steak

144/18: Big Rib Steak

144/18 – Big Rib Steak:

I am trying to clear some space in the freezer before Briggs Shetland Lamb bring me more meat. The next biggest thing in the freezer was a big rib steak.

The Meat:

A 1.4kg Big Rib Steak from Turner and George. 1kg is £33 so 1.4kg should be £46.20? Have a look on their website here.

Bone in Rib Steak

The Prep:

I still had some of the Great Cow rub left from Turner and George so decided to use that for this cook. You can buy this for £5.50 for a 150g bag.

Ooni Pro Roast Dinner

Sprinkled liberally all over the beef, all sides and patted in.

Bone in Rib Steak

My Kamado Joe Big Joe has the new KJ fire basket installed and I had filled it with Oak Lumpwood from Resiliant Woodlands.

Kamado Joe Ash Basket Resiliant Woodlands Oak Resiliant Woodlands Oak

Two flamers lit, heat deflectors in place, a chunk of Oak and both vents fully open.

The Cook:

Once the temperature had settled at 150c I put the meat in. Meater probe in place to track the cook with a target temperature of 50c (as I planned to sear it at the end).

Bone in Rib Steak

And there I left it for 50 minutes until the Meater alerted it was approaching 50c.

Bone in Rib Steak

The meat came out for a rest, it rose 2 degrees to 52c whilst I sat there. In the meantime the heat deflectors were out the KJ and the cast iron was in place, all vents were open and the temperature was rising ready to sear the steak. 

Bone in Rib Steak

Time to take the Meater probe out, it doesn’t like it too hot and the KJ at full blast would be too hot for it!

Bone in Rib Steak

Time to sear, about 30 to 45 seconds then twisted 90 degrees, another 30 to 45 seconds then flipped, 30 to 45 seconds and 90 degree turn then off.

Bone in Rib Steak

Off! What glorious colours from the rub!

Bone in Rib Steak

Time to slice in, onto the board.

Bone in Rib Steak

It looked great when the light hit it. 

Bone in Rib Steak

Time to slice, the moment of truth……Perfect!

Bone in Rib Steak


This steak was ridiculously tasty! So juicy, so full of a strong beefy taste and such a substantial eat. I didn’t eat it all myself as I shared it with my wife. We both really enjoyed this steak and it got me thinking that maybe it’s better to cook one massive steak and share it than cook two smaller steaks. The taste and enjoyment from this big steak was such a step up from smaller steaks. 

The great cow rub worked well again, not just adding a nice colour but also enhancing the flavour of the beef.

Another great cook on the Kamado Joe, loving cooking on this grill and steaks are one of the main reasons I bought it.

All in all, a cracking meal and I will be buying this steak in the future!

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe
Cook Method: Reverse Sear – Slow then Sear
Charcoal: Resilient Woodlands Oak
Smoking Wood: Oak
Cook temperature: 150C then 450C
Cook time: 50 minutes then 3 minutes sear
Internal temperature: 55C Thermapen
Notes: No major changes.
The Meater worked well on this cook and was handy getting to the right temperature for searing.



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