Bone in Rib Eye Steaks

119/18: Reverse Seared Bone In Rib Eye Steaks

119/18 – Reverse Seared Bone In Rib Eye Steaks:

Last month I cooked some lovely Reverse Seared Rib Eye Steaks from Rogers and Son butchers. It was the first time I had managed to cook a steak on my Kamado Joe exactly how I wanted it as well. As part of that same order I also kept some of the meat on the bone, time for Reverse Seared Bone In Rib Eye Steaks.

This was the previous cook:

091/18: Reverse Seared Rib Eye Steaks

The Meat:

A two bone rib of beef, 90 day aged Hereford beef – 1.4kg was £47 from Rogers and Son.

Bone in Rib Eye Steaks

What a glorious slab of meat!

Bone in Rib Eye Steaks

Sliced down the middle of the bones to create two BIG steaks!

Bone in Rib Eye Steaks

The Prep:

A slow, indirect cook was planned to start with so I filled the Kamado Joe fire bowl with Oxford Charcoal Oak lumpwood then lit two flamers on one side. Vents fully open then closed down as the temperature approached 100C.

I made the four seasons blend from Charred and Scruffed by Adam Perry Lang – salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. This was rubbed onto the steaks then a bit of water was added and further rubbed to create a paste on the meat. Meater probe in one and set to alert at 47C internal temperature. A couple of chunks of Whisky Oak from Smokewood shack were placed on the lit charcoal then the steaks were put on the indirect side (deflector plates on both sides though).


Bone in Rib Eye Steaks

It took about 40 minutes to hit 47C then I took the steaks off to rest while I ramped up the temperature of the Kamado Joe. Lid up, vents open, deflector plates out, cast iron sear grate in. I put the lid down and left it to heat up whilst I put the kids to bed. I wasn’t away long when I returned to this!

Red hot Kamado Joe

Hmm, I had wanted a high temperature but hadn’t really meant to go that hot! Hungry, I went with it and put the steaks in. The meater probe was out at this point as it can’t cope with high temperatures.

Bone in Rib Eye Steaks

Just a couple of minutes each side. The heat was crazy, so hot! Plenty of flames too so I shut the lid down to try and contain it a bit. When the steak came out it was a bit charred in places but the colour was fantastic.

Bone in Rib Eye Steaks

The moment of truth, time to slice it open – lovely and pink!

Bone in Rib Eye Steaks


I really enjoyed the last steak cook on the Kamado Joe and this one might have been even better. The meat was a big old slab with plenty of eating but it was so soft and juicy. It had a nice taste from the extra ageing and was a real treat for the weekend!

Parts of the outside of the steak were a bit charred which didn’t negatively affect the taste of the steak at all, I only had a bone left from mine at the end! I would sear it at a slightly lower temperature next time and try to reduce the amount of flames by keeping the lid down more.

Cook Difficulty: 3/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe Big Joe
Cook Method: Reverse Sear
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Oak
Smoking Wood: Whisky Oak from Smokewood Shack
Cook temperature: 100C indirect then 450C direct
Cook time: 40 minutes indirect and 5 minutes searing
Internal temperature: Around 55c (Thermapen)
Notes: 1: Don’t take it quite so hot for searing next time!




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