Gu Calzone

111/18: Ooni Sweet Gu Calzones

111/18 – Ooni Sweet Gu Calzones:

I spotted a post on Twitter by Gu showing the new chocolate spreads that they had released. The range includes Hazelnut & Chocolate – Crunchy plus a Velvety version and Chocolate & Salted Caramel Velvety. Anyone who has eaten the Gu puds knows how good they taste so I had to try the spreads! At the moment they are exclusively available at Waitrose for £2.50 per pot. Many thanks to my mother in law who brought me one of each pot round to try!

First up was the Chocolate & Salted Caramel spread.

Gu Calzone

The Dough:

I had three dough balls left over from a pizza cook. The dough was made using the Ooni recipe and cold proved for 48 hours.

The Ingredients:

Molino Grassi 00 Flour:


Saf-Leuvre Dry Yeast:


Pretty standard stuff for my pizza making now:

Dough Scraper: To cut the dough into balls and to help lift the dough balls out the tray before shaping:

6 litre food grade container with lid: I use this to bulk ferment the dough once it’s mixed:

Food grade pizza dough trays (x3): I use these to cold proof the dough balls:

First Attempt:

Pizza dough spread out to a disk, Gu spread on top, toasted hazelnuts and chopped marshmallows then in the Ooni 3 with the gas burner on low power.
Ok, the sugar in the spread didn’t cope too well with the flames from the Ooni gas burner! Nicely caramelised? We scraped it off and applied new spread then the kids made short work of it!

Gu Calzone

Second Attempt:

Based on the burnt sauce on the first one it was going to make more sense to cook it as a calzone to protect the sauce. I haven’t managed to cook a great calzone so far but my notes from the last cook said to keep the dough a bit thicker and drop the cook temperature a bit. Dough a bit thicker, spread applied, toasted hazelnuts and chopped marshmallows then folded in half and crimped round the edges.
The calzone was placed in the centre of the oven to start and as it was cooking I gradually moved it closer to the back to get some colour on the outside. 

Gu Calzone

I should have pulled the foil off the pot for the photo!

Gu Calzone

Cut open. Oh my goodness!

Gu Calzone

Third Attempt:

The second one had come out really well and my wife said she enjoyed it. Time for mine and I wanted to get a bit more colour on the outside but try not to burn it! Same mix and process as the second one then into the Ooni.

Gu Calzone

That’s better!

Gu Calzone

As with the second one – Oh my goodness!

Gu Calzone


Such an easy dish to make and cook but a great way to either use up any leftover dough balls after a pizza cook or a nice way to have a dessert after you have cooked the pizzas!

Cooking the calzones over gas was simple, not sure it would have been as easy with pellets but I will give it a try. The Gu sauce was lovely, tasted more chocolatey than Nutella and salted caramel is always a winner! The heat from cooking had warmed and melted the sauce which went well with the hazelnuts and marshmallows. Looking forward to trying the other two spreads! Good value at £2.50 and a nice store cupboard item to have to knock out some nice desserts!

Another winner in the Ooni pizza oven!

The Ooni 3 Pizza Oven:

Such a great bit of kit and an absolute bargain for £200.

The gas attachment is especially handy for cooking desserts as you can control the temperature better:





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