Fried Breakfast

054/18: Fried Breakfast

054/18 – Fried Breakfast:

It’s been a while since I did a full fry up on the BBQ but it was Good Friday and I had to work. What better way to start the day better than a Fried Breakfast? Good opportunity to test the Kamado Joe Griddle Pan too.

The Meat:

My first order from The Ginger Pig. Lovely looking meat, very nicely wrapped and packaged then shipped in the sturdiest box I have received yet. First up was the bacon chops – 2x250g for £8 and the pork and leek sausages – 6 for £7.80.

The Kit:

Cast Iron Reversable Griddle for the Kamado Joe Big Joe –£48 plus £5 delivery from Amazon. I got mine from Dave Clarke at Morreys of Holmes Chapel with the KJ.

The Charcoal:

Oxford Charcoal Hardwood Blend – Love this stuff, slow burning, burns hot and smells fantastic. I pushed the charcoal to the back of the KJ then topped up with some fresh charcoal. 2 flamers were used to light 2 parts of the charcoal. Usual method of lid up, both vents fully open for 30 minutes. I left the vents open and the lid up for this cook. The griddle plate went on after 20 minutes to warm up and was placed directly over the lit charcoal.

Za'atar roasted squash

The Prep:

Minimal! Bit of oil on the griddle and everything lined up to go.

The Cook:

Sausages on first as they would take the longest.

Fried Breakfast

The charcoal smelt good.

Fried Breakfast

Beans on next, take the lid off the tin and get them over a hot spot. Saves washing up! The bacon chops also went on.

Fried Breakfast

Once the sausages had been turned a couple of times and the bacon chops were flipped it was time for the tomatoes, black pudding, tattie scones and mushrooms.

Fried Breakfast

Time to Plate Up:

A good trick to keep everything warm once it’s cooked is keep a cast iron pan on the grill but away from direct heat. Once anything is cooked place it in the pan and it will keep it warm. I used the pan to plate my breakfast up.

Fried Breakfast

Time to Eat:

What a treat for having to work on a bank holiday!

Fried Breakfast


The bacon chop was really tasty, don’t think I have had one of those before but it was a proper portion of bacon! The sausages were fantastic, really enjoyed them. Nice, big sausages with plenty of flavour. Will be good to try more from the range at Ginger Pig but recommend these.

This was quite an easy cook, mainly due to the size of the griddle in the Big Joe. Plenty of room to fit it all on plus keep the cast iron pan warm as well.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Quick: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe
Cook Method: Direct / Griddle
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Hardwood Blend
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Unknown
Cook time: 20 minutes
Internal temperature: Unknown
Notes: Nothing really to change.



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