Flamed Halibut

049/18: Flamed Halibut and Citrus

049/18 – Flamed Halibut and Citrus:

The first run with the Flambadou was good fun and I still had a load of Beef Tallow left so decided to cook another Niklas Ekstedt dish from his book. This time it was Flamed Halibut and Citrus with Mushroom and Parsnip Noodles. (the recipe is for salsify noodles and I have never seen salsify available around here!)

This was the previous Flambadou cook:

011/18: Smoked Lamb Shoulder

Food from the Fire by Niklas Ekstedt is available from Amazon for £17.99.

The Kit:

Flambadou from Tom Bray / Argentinian Cross for about £30.

The Ingredients:

Fresh Halibut from the local fishmonger. Beef Tallow from the local butcher, minced but will ask for sliced next time. Everything else from the supermarket.

The Prep:

A full chimney of the Oak/Beech Lumpwood I am testing for David Crosbie. Once lit it was spread all over the base of the Weber Kettle.

Double Cream, Onion Skin, Nutmeg and a Bay Leaf in a pan with the Flambadou in the coals to heat with some embers inside it.

Flamed Halibut

Whilst the cream was heating up the parsnips were peeled and put in a bowl with lemon juice then added to boiling water for 3 minutes and cooled in ice water.

The halibut has to be prepared sashimi style. I had a look online and it said to cut it the size of a domino so I did this and put it to one side.

The Cook:

Another pan was added to the heat with sliced mushrooms, butter and shallots in. This was heated for 3 minutes then the cream and parsnip noodles were added.

Time to fire up the Flambadou!

Flamed Halibut

The halibut was lined up in a tray and I put this in my WSM as it’s close to the Weber Kettle and a good height.  Flamed Halibut

Beef Tallow in the Flambadou and tilted to ignite it.

Flamed Halibut

Dripping the melting fat over the halibut.

Flamed Halibut

Time to top up.

Flamed Halibut


Flamed Halibut

The embers were dying out so we were struggling to top up and keep the heat up. For the last run I put a lit lump of charcoal on top to melt it from the top!

Flamed Halibut

Time to Plate Up:

The Halibut was topped with chopped lemon, flamed lemon peel and parsley then lime juice was squeezed over the top.

Flamed Halibut

View from above.

Flamed Halibut

The mushroom and parsnip noodle side dish.

Flamed Halibut

We ate a few bits of the Halibut and it tasted really nice but the fat hadn’t really cooked it. Maybe we didn’t have it hot enough or we didn’t hit the fish with enough fat. It was nice enough but we gave it a quick blast in the pan with some butter and it tasted amazing after that. Still learning how to best use the flambadou so will see if I do better on the next run. Good fun using it again though! 

Was really impressed with the halibut, not eaten a lot of that before but I will look to get that on the grill soon as it tasted fantastic.

Cook Difficulty: 4/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 1/5
Cook Equipment: Flambadou
Cook Method: Dripping Fat!
Charcoal: N/A
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Very hot!
Cook time: 10 seconds per halibut slice
Internal temperature: Unknown
Notes: 1: Use sliced beef tallow next time

2: Cook hotter for longer.


If you like the look of this recipe the book is available from Amazon for £17.99


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