Fillet steak on the bone

036/18: Fillet Steak on the Bone

036/18 – Fillet Steak on the Bone:

On my last Turner and George order I fancied something a bit different so added Fillet Steak on the Bone. £16 for 2x250g. Nice bit of marbling on that front one.  Fillet steak on the bone

The Prep:

Very simple, Maldon Sea Salt and Kadoe Kampot Pepper, plenty of both.

Fillet steak on the bone

I fired up a full chimney of a charcoal I am testing for a local producer, it’s a mix of Oak and Beech. Once fully lit I poured it into the top half of the grill to create 2 cooking zones then put the grill grates on. This seemed a good time to test the Meater probe so I pushed it into one of the steaks.

The Cook:

Once the grill grates were up to temperature I put the steaks on the cooler side and lobbed in a lump of Whisky Oak from Smokewood Shack. The Meater app was set to 57c for Medium rare.

Fillet steak on the bone

Keeping an eye on the internal temperature I flipped the meat over part way through. Fillet steak on the bone

Once the meat got to 45c I moved them to the hotter side to reverse sear them. The expected finish time got much shorter very quickly, that’s a handy feature on the app.

Fillet steak on the bone

The App started beeping at 57c so I took them off to rest.

Fillet steak on the bone

Interestingly, the app tells you how long to rest the meat for too!

Fillet steak on the bone

Time to Eat:

Chips from the Byron book with the seasoning mix, easy to make but such a cracking taste!  Fillet steak on the bone

Cut through shot, nice and pink. Fillet steak on the bone


I am one of those annoying folk who tells everyone to eat rib eye steak as “It’s the best” and don’t eat fillet steak as it’s got no taste. I will need to stop that and learn from this cook as this fillet steak was cracking, plenty of taste, very tender and really juicy. Very simple cook but a nice reward after spending 4 hours shovelling snow off the road!

Can’t go wrong with Maldon salt on the steak, adds a great taste and a good crust. I have been using more of the Kadode Kampot pepper lately and it’s a lovely ingredient, very different to the mild, sometimes tasteless pepper you get from the supermarket. Would recommend it to try. 

The Meater probe was impressive. I like the predicted finish time but it was very easy to cook the steak tracking the meat temperature during the reverse sear process. However, the range is pretty bad and it lost the signal on the other side of my hut once the Weber lid went on! You can rig it to run off WiFi with another device in the mix so I will have a look at that. Keeping close to the probe during a cook like this isn’t a problem and I think a lot of folk would like one of these when cooking something like steak as it helps you nail your temperatures.


Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Quick: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Reverse Sear
Charcoal: Local Charcoal
Smoking Wood: Smokewood Shack Whisky Oak
Cook temperature: 250c
Cook time: 23 minutes
Internal temperature: 57c
Notes: Try fillet on the bone again!


If you like the look of the seasoned fries you can buy the book from Amazon (£12.53) by clicking the picture below:  


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2 thoughts on “036/18: Fillet Steak on the Bone

  1. I have found I always have to put my Tablet on the Meater app in “Link” mode and use my phone to go in and out of the house etc. that gives me much better range, I haven’t tried “Cloud” yet, but the Meater probe is definitely a must have when I use the rotisserie.

    1. Hi David, thanks for that. I have had a few troubles with link mode but mainly because the app was using the tablet power quicker than I could charge it back up! When the tablet crashed the phone couldn’t take over for some reason. Still testing it and making some progress!

      Two of the main reasons I bought it were for the rotisserie and for the KJ so I could keep the lid closed.

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