Bone In Pork Rib Eye

018/18: Bone In Pork Rib Eye

018/18 – Bone In Pork Rib Eye:

When I placed my last order with Turner and George they had quite a few cuts I hadn’t cooked before, one that stood out was Bone In Pork Rib Eye. Described on the site as “Cut from the neck of pork, rib chops have a more intense marbling and high fat content, so make for a juicier, softer alternative to pork loin chops. Great for grilling, or on the BBQ.” – Sold!

The Meat:

4x200g for a measly £8.00, this feels like a proper bargain. When the meat arrived it was a fairly substantial package! The tray below is a full size gastronorm tray.Bone In Pork Rib Eye

The Prep:

I had some of the Reds True BBQ Slow Pork rub left I made for a previous cook, just enough to cover 2 of the steaks. The rub has a little bit of a kick and the kids aren’t keen on spicy foods so that worked out quite well.

The rub is covered in more detail in this post:

BBQ75/17: Reds True BBQ Pulled Pork

2 steaks covered with rub and the other 2 with some salt from The Isle of Skye Salt Company. Bone In Pork Rib EyeI fired up a full chimney of Oxford Charcoal Sweet Chestnut and when fully lit I placed 1 charcoal basket at the top of the grill and poured the fuel into the remaining space. This was to create a cooler zone at one end if needed. I placed the grill grates on top and left it 10 minutes to heat up.

The Cook:

Once the grill grates were up to temperature I placed the meat and dropped a handful of cherry chips from Hot Smoked into the fire.Bone In Pork Rib EyeAfter a couple of minutes I had a quick look and left it alone for another minute.Bone In Pork Rib EyeAfter another couple of minutes I turned the meat keeping it facing the same diretion.Bone In Pork Rib EyeI also had some of the Reds True BBQ Kansas City BBQ Sauce left I had made from a pulled pork so brushed some over the meat and flipped it over once again but this time rotating it 90 degrees. The colour was looking fantastic, just what I was hoping for.Bone In Pork Rib EyeAfter another couple of minutes I brushed more sauce on and flipped the meat over. Bone In Pork Rib Eye

Time to Eat:

When the meat hit 60c internal on the Thermapen I took them off.Bone In Pork Rib EyeQuick slice through, very juicy and a nice bit of pink. Bone In Pork Rib Eye

Last time I posted a pork cook with a hint of pink a few folk asked me if it was safe. My thoughts on this are that UK pork is free of Tricinella so as long as you know it’s good quality British meat and you know where it’s come from you should be fine to cook it to a lower temperature. If you do cook it lower you will be rewarded with pork that is very, very juicy, very tender and a million miles away from that tasteless, chewy meat we all ate as kids! If you are buying pork from the supermarkets or EU pork I would cook it far higher to be safe. Buy British pork though and enjoy it! 


Really enjoyed this cook, fast and simple for a midweek cook. The meat from Turner and George was great quality. Very juicy and really tender but a bargain for £8. The rub and sauce worked well with this and gave it a great colour. The grill grates gave a nice effect to the meat, I should have probably placed it at a 45 degree angle to run the marks a different direction so that’s probably a change for next time.

I will definitely be ordering Bone In Pork Rib Eye again though!

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Direct on Grill Grates
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Sweet Chestnut
Smoking Wood: Hot Smoked Cherry Chips
Cook temperature: 300c
Cook time: 10 minutes
Internal temperature: 60c
Notes: 1: Place the meat at a 45 degree angle to run the grill marks diagonally. 


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