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Review: Houlker Flame Guard

Review: Houlker Flame Guard

I spotted a post on Facebook about a new flame guard for the Uuni and felt I had to give it a try. £25 over PayPal and a few days later this arrives:

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The Flame Guard is made by Philip Houlker and is known as the Houlker Flame Guard in the UK. It was designed by Phil in conjunction with 970gear.com. It’s made out of 1.5mm stainless steel and is fairly hefty – I weighed it to check: 480g.

In the picture below the Houlker Flame Guard is sat next to the Uuni 3 Flame Guard. You can see the Houlker Flame Guard is wider, deeper and taller (in places!).

I know I should have ironed the cloth it’s sat on. It was just out the washing machine!

uuni 3

Why is it shaped like that?

uuni 3

This gives you a clue.

uuni 3

This demonstrates why! The Flame Guard helps to lift the flames up to the roof of the Uuni whilst also spreading the flames across the width of the oven to help cook your pizza without burning it.

uuni 3

A straight edged flame guard would cause the flames to roll downwards towards the pizza stone. This flame guard pushes the flames up into the roof of the Uuni.

uuni 3

Just before the pizza went in.

uuni 3


From the first cook using it, all five pizzas came out well. It was interesting as it felt like they cooked quicker but were cooked more evenly and less aggresively. By pizza number three I was quite relaxed about the cooking process and did char it a bit more than the others but I re-focussed for the last two. I do feel that the Houlker Flame Guard made a big difference to the cook as the base and toppings were less burnt but I also got a good amount of leoparding on the base.

For £25 I think it’s money well spent just to make things a bit easier. Phil only sells them to UK customers, you can find him on the UK Uuni Facebook page if you want one.

The flame guard was used in this cook:

069/18: Uuni 3 Pizzas

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2 thoughts on “Review: Houlker Flame Guard

  1. Do you only use wood pellets when cooking a pizza? I just got the Uuni Pro and have made half a dozen pies using lump charcoal and chunks of hickory. The problem I’m having is that the edges of the pies are charring too much. The oven stone is at 500c, but I think the pieces of hickory may be too large (1″ x 3″) and are causing the blackening. I also make sure to keep the pie in the middle of the oven. I have the pellet burner but have not used it yet. I will on the next pizza night. I also bought the jelly funnel that you suggested. Great website!

    1. Hi Matthew, I have the Uuni 3 which only takes pellets. I do fancy getting a pro as they look awesome! I think you could be right with the wood chunk sizes as it’s only the edges burning. I wonder if having the pizza nearer the door might protect it from the flames a bit?

      Thanks for the feedback on the website, glad you like it!

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