Recipes – My Own Stuff:

Things I have just worked out for myself along the way.

036/18: Fillet Steak on the Bone

032/18: Uuni Flat Iron Steak

031/18: Hay Smoked Braised Short-Rib Cheeseburger

30/18: Bacon Cheeseburgers

022/18: Charcoal Rubbed Rib Eye Steaks

019/18: Salt Block Chicken

018/18: Bone In Pork Rib Eye

015/18: Charcoal Bun Burgers

014/18: Charcoal Dough Pizza – Uuni 3

006/18: Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

004/18: Uuni flank of Goat and Lamb

BBQ65/17: Rotisserie Quail with rubs!

BBQ63/17: Oak Smoked Hot Links

BBQ55/17: Popcorn!

BBQ51/17: Not a McRib sandwich

BBQ49/17: Smoky Sausage Pasta

BBQ46/17: Maple grilled peaches with a salted caramel rum sauce

BBQ42/17: Rotisserie Chicken

BBQ36/17: “Old Cow” Rib Eye Steak and a Massive Lobster!

BBQ35/17: Fillet steak and Langoustines

BBQ30/17: Double Thick “Old Cow” Rib Eye Steaks

BBQ26/17: Rotisserie Quail over Vortex

BBQ25/17: British “Old Cow” Rib Eye Steaks

BBQ24/17: Vortex Chicken Wings

BBQ22/17: Afterburner Rib Eye Steaks

BBQ06/17: Cold smoked, reverse dirty seared Pave Rump Steak

BBQ04/17: Longhorn Cote de Boeuf reverse seared dirty

BBQ01/17: Saddle of Goat with rosemary, thyme and garlic

BBQ80/17: Burgers with Pulled Pork

BBQ83/17: Hellfire Halo Breakfast

BBQ84/17: “Fried” Chicken Wings

BBQ85/17: Racked Pork Sirloin

BBQ90/17: Steak Sandwich

BBQ95/17: Sausage and Mash

BBQ96/17: Steak Sandwiches #2

BBQ98/17: Spuntino Eagle Rock Dog

BBQ99/17: 7 Year old British Dexter T-Bone

BBQ101/17: “The Hut” and a quick cook

BBQ102/17: Sausage Rolls

BBQ103/17: Mountain Moinks

BBQ111/17: Tomahawk Steak

BBQ113/17: Hot Dogs and Toffee Apples

BBQ114/17: Uuni Goat Rump

BBQ115/17: Bacon Cheeseburger

BBQ117/17: Sausage Rolls

BBQ118/17: Venison Medallions

BBQ119/17: Hebridean Leg of Lamb

BBQ120/17: Uuni Rib Eye Steak

BBQ121/17: Thanksgiving Turkey

BBQ123/17: Rotisserie Leg of Pork

BBQ127/17: Wild Boar Cider and Apple Sausages

BBQ128/17: Uuni Wild Boar Loin Chops

BBQ129/17: BSR Burger

BBQ130/17: Topside of Beef

BBQ133/17: Christmas Turkey

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