About me:

About me:

I am just a regular guy who enjoys cooking a wide variety of dishes but I am always looking to try and cook something different which is how I have accumulated a large collection of cook books over the years!

I had always enjoyed a BBQ but was limited to the traditional British BBQ of burnt sausages and overcooked burgers with the occasional chicken drumstick thrown in. We went to Grillstock festival in Bristol in 2013 where my eyes were well and truly opened to the possibilities of what can be cooked on a grill and smoker. As soon as I got home I immediately bought a Weber BBQ and Weber Smokey Mountain and have gradually been learning how to use them both!

It’s been quite a steep learning curve – some things worked well, some not so well but I tried to keep notes after each cook to help improve the dish the next time. I found myself with a number of notes in cook books, printed recipes, notepad notes, Word documents, Evernote notes, Google Drive notes and an A5 notebook. Having everything in so many different places made it too hard for me to keep track!

So, I decided to start a blog to help me keep track of what I cook and to record my notes to improve it the next time. I am also hoping it helps me remember some good dishes that I have enjoyed in the past when I am looking for something to cook.

A few folk have been asking for advice on how to cook things lately and I have been typing them up to share so hopefully keeping them online might help others too.


An update:

The text above was the first thing I wrote on my blog, I copied and pasted it into this page so I could move the content to the FAQ section.

I am writing this in August and I have completed 82 cooks so far, most of which are new to me and most are unique. There have been some repeats where I have gone back to improve a cook based on the notes I kept which is where I have found my blog and cook notes so helpful. I have definitely improved my BBQ skills this year and my confidence has also increased as I am happy to try and cook most things now!

The feedback I have had from people around the food I have cooked, the photos and some of the techniques has been fantastic. It’s been great to get such good feedback from everyone but it’s also been amazing to see people using the blog to pick things to cook or to pick up tips on how to cook certain cuts of meat. I never expected it to take off like that, I really just thought I would get a bit more organised!

Thanks to everyone for the support and feedback to date, I really appreciate it!