Folk sometimes ask me what books to buy either when they are getting started or when they are after inspiration or new recipes. I like cook books, I have loads of them and have to hold myself back from buying more. I realised I might have a cookbook purchase problem when I had to start hiding them from my wife! I am catching up now and reading all of them before I buy more but below is a list of books I have used for my cooks this year.

By the way, if anyone has a recipe from any of the books below they recommend or a BBQ book they think I should buy please let me know!

BBQ Books – In Alphabetical order and listing the cooks from the books – click the link to scroll down for more details:

Ben Tish – Grill, Smoke, BBQ:

DJ BBQ – The BBQ Book:

Franklin Barbecue – A meat smoking manifesto by Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay:

Grillstock – The BBQ Book by Jon Finch and Ben Merrington:

Hangfire Cookbook – Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn:

Pitt Cue the Cookbook:

Pitmaster Recipes, Techniques and Barbecue Wisdom by Andy Husbands and Chris Hart:

Reds True Barbecue – Let there be Meat:

Rich Harris – Fire and Smoke:

Steven Raichlen – Project Smoke:

BBQ Online:

Not BBQ Books:

My own stuff:

Ben Tish – Grill, Smoke, BBQ:

What I really like about Ben’s book is that it’s not like most of the other BBQ books you get which mainly focus on American style bbq dishes. This book has a wide range of recipes influenced by Ben’s time in Spain and Italy. If you like cooking and want to try some different dishes on the BBQ I highly recommend this one.

Cooks from this book to date:

BBQ07/17: Iberico Presa with Jamon Butter

BBQ09/17: Cold smoked lamb tomahawks

BBQ08/17: Chargrilled Duck Breast with Peas, Broad Beans and Hot Mint Sauce

BBQ15/17: Cold smoked cod with white beans, clams and parsley

BBQ13/17: Paprika rubbed, cold smoked quails with caramelised onions

BBQ79/17: Cherry and Almond Tart

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 DJ BBQ – The BBQ Book:

DJ BBQ is a great guy, very charismatic and very passionate about BBQ which is reflected in his book. There are some great recipes in the book and they are all simple to follow but result in some awesome dishes.

Cooks from this book to date:

BBQ68/17: “World’s best steak”

BBQ34/17: @DJ_BBQ Party-Time Chicken Fajitas

BBQ28/17: DJ BBQ Chilli-Glazed Leg of Lamb

BBQ18/17: DJ BBQ Kick-Ass Fish Tacos

BBQ03/17: Cherry Wood Smoked Chicken with the mix of Awesomeness!

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Franklin Barbecue – A meat smoking manifesto by Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay:

Franklin Barbecue is widely regarded as one of the best barbecue restaurants in the world with people regularly queuing outside 6 hours before opening time. The restaurant has sold out of brisket every day since opening! I haven’t been (yet) but having spoken to people who have been they say it really is some of the best bbq they have eaten.

There aren’t many recipes in the book but it contains a lot of information about all things bbq related and is a fascinating book.

Only the one cook so far but it was one of the cooks I was happiest with and I plan to do more!

BBQ64/17: Franklin Style Brisket

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Grillstock – The BBQ Book by Jon Finch and Ben Merrington:

Grillstock festival is what sparked my interest in barbecue and what made me buy my Weber gear. This book was one of the first ones I bought and it has some great recipes inside. They are all fairly easy to follow, the sauces and rubs are simple to make but taste great. Still quite a lot for me to cook from this book. 

Cooks from this book to date:

BBQ67/17: Hillbilly Chilli #2

BBQ62/17: Hillbilly Chilli

BBQ61/17: Memphis-Style Ribs

BBQ56/17: Beef Short Ribs

BBQ50/17: Cherry Smoked Pork Belly

BBQ44/17: @grillstock Bristol Cheesesteak Sandwich in potato rolls

BBQ10/17: Bourbon Brined Spatchcock Chicken

BBQ87/17: Moink Balls

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Hangfire Cookbook – Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn:

This book is one of my favourites, so many awesome recipes in here I highly recommend you buy it. The book covers the full spectrum from snacks to mains, to sides to desserts and each recipe is simple to follow but gives amazing results. I have cooked a lot of my dishes from this book so far and there is still loads in there to do, it’s well worth a purchase and the Hang Fire ladies are really nice too.

Cooks from this book to date:

BBQ76/17: Smoked Lamb Shoulder

BBQ73/17: Hang Fire’s Pit Beans

BBQ70/17: Dark Molasses Gingerbread Cake

BBQ29/17: Hang Fire St Louis-Style Spare Ribs

BBQ27/17: Hang Fire BBQ Pastrami

BBQ21/17: Grilled Butterflied Lamb Leg

BBQ17/17: Hang Fire Yardbird

BBQ12/17: Smoked Pork Belly, Pit Beans and Slaw

BBQ11/17: Cajun Rubbed Fatty

BBQ05/17: Whisky Boys Tri Tip

BBQ81/17: Mai Thai Chicken Thighs

BBQ86/17: Pecan Pie

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Pitt Cue the Cookbook:

Pitt Cue were one of the original street food pioneers in the UK and regularly had massive queues of people wanting to get hold of their food. They opened a small place in Soho which also had massive queues! I was lucky enough to eat there years ago and the food was fantastic. The new place in Devonshire Square is a bit more polished and a different type of food but it’s still top class. The book is based on the original street food and Soho restaurant with great recipes but a lot of information on bbq, meat and cooking as well. 

I have only cooked the one dish so far but there are a lot in there I plan to cook.

BBQ16/17: Beef Featherblade

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Pitmaster Recipes, Techniques and Barbecue Wisdom by Andy Husbands and Chris Hart:

I only bought this book recently and I bought it mainly because of the front cover! I knew any book with beef ribs looking that good was one I needed to own! This is another great book which travels around the different bbq regions in the US with recipes from each. It’s very detailed and has a wide range of recipes in. I have only cooked 2 dishes from the book so far but they have been 2 of my favourite cooks to date. The beef ribs were my best yet and the burnt ends are very different to the pork belly version you see a lot.

BBQ72/17: Butterfly Pork Butt Burnt Ends

BBQ66/17: Texas Style Beef Ribs

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 Reds True Barbecue – Let there be Meat:

This was one of the first books I bought and it’s full to the brim with recipes. The pulled pork recipe is the best one I have done so far.

BBQ75/17: Reds True BBQ Pulled Pork

BBQ45/17: Dirty Planked Spatchcock Chicken

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 Rich Harris – Fire and Smoke:

Now then, this is a special book and one of my favourites. The tagline says “Packed with delicious recipes inspired by Rich’s travels, and full of bold flavours and great techniques, this book is the ultimate guide to cooking with fire and smoke.” – the book matches up the to tagline, it is jam packed with great recipes which you can tell are inspired by the authors travels. I have cooked most from this book and I still have a load of recipes on my list to cook out of it. I highly recommend this, it’s different to the normal bbq books and the dishes are great!

Buy the book here:

Cooks from this book to date:

BBQ60/17: Szechuan smoked pigs cheeks

BBQ48/17: Dirty Pork Chops with Rosemary Butter

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

BBQ43/17: Chilli dogs in Potato rolls

BBQ40/17: Sticky Lamb Ribs

BBQ39/17: Pork Souvlaki and Flatbreads

BBQ37/17: Green Chicken Kebabs

BBQ23/17: Hay Smoked Lamb Rumps

BBQ20/17: Dry Rubbed Sirloin of Beef

BBQ19/17: Chipotle Steak Tacos

BBQ14/17: Pork Loin with Pickled Apples

BBQ02/17: Jerk Chicken


 Steven Raichlen – Project Smoke:

I only recently got this book but it’s got a lot of original recipes in there. Just the one cook so far but they were the best pork chops I have ever cooked and/or eaten so I am looking forward to cooking more from the book.

BBQ52/17: Monster Pork Chops

BBQ93/17: Pork Belly Steamed Buns

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 BBQ Online:

Kenji -Serious Eats:

I am a big fan of Kenji, he’s a scientist and a food expert. The geek in me likes the level of detail and experimentation he goes into to perfect a cook. He has a lot of material online but I would recommend his book also.

BBQ71/17: Slow Smoked 32oz T-Bone Steaks

BBQ69/17: 70 day aged Rib of Beef

BBQ33/17: Jerk Chicken over Pimento Sticks and Leaves

Scott Rea – The Scott Rea Project:

I love Scott’s videos, I sat and watched them all over a 1 week period. It made me want to have a go at butchering some meat! Scott knows everything there is to know about meat and butchery, well worth a look.

BBQ74/17: Stuffed and Rolled Loin of Pork

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 Not BBQ Books:

Byron – The Cookbook:

Byron burgers are great and the book has all the recipes for their burgers, fries, milkshakes and desserts. 

BBQ41/17: @byronhamburgers Byron burgers

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Dennis the Prescott – Eat Delicious:

I only recently got this book but have been following Dennis on Instagram for a while now. The book is equally as impressive as the instagram feed with amazing photos of each cook. I have a lot in this book I want to cook so the list will grow soon.

BBQ53/17: Double Chocolate Skillet Brownie

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Richard Turner – Prime and Hog:

Richard Turner from Hawksmoor, Pitt Cue, Blacklock, Turner and George and Meatopia. The man knows his meat there can be no argument! Great books full of detail and a joy to read.

BBQ54/17: Dirty Roasted Steak #2

BBQ31/17: Dirty Roasted Steak

BBQ100/17: 7 Year old Dexter Rib of Beef

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Amazing Malaysia – Norman Musa:

This is one of my favourite books, the recipes provide fantastic results especially the Chicken Satay dish:

BBQ78/17: Chicken Satay

The Curry Guy – Dan Toombs:

BBQ94/17: Grilled Lamb Chops

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 My own stuff:

Things I have just worked out for myself along the way.

BBQ65/17: Rotisserie Quail with rubs!

BBQ63/17: Oak Smoked Hot Links

BBQ51/17: Not a McRib sandwich

BBQ49/17: Smoky Sausage Pasta

BBQ46/17: Maple grilled peaches with a salted caramel rum sauce

BBQ42/17: Rotisserie Chicken

BBQ36/17: “Old Cow” Rib Eye Steak and a Massive Lobster!

BBQ35/17: Fillet steak and Langoustines

BBQ30/17: Double Thick “Old Cow” Rib Eye Steaks

BBQ26/17: Rotisserie Quail over Vortex

BBQ25/17: British “Old Cow” Rib Eye Steaks

BBQ24/17: Vortex Chicken Wings

BBQ22/17: Afterburner Rib Eye Steaks

BBQ06/17: Cold smoked, reverse dirty seared Pave Rump Steak

BBQ04/17: Longhorn Cote de Boeuf reverse seared dirty

BBQ01/17: Saddle of Goat with rosemary, thyme and garlic

BBQ80/17: Burgers with Pulled Pork

BBQ83/17: Hellfire Halo Breakfast

BBQ84/17: “Fried” Chicken Wings

BBQ85/17: Racked Pork Sirloin

BBQ90/17: Steak Sandwich

BBQ95/17: Sausage and Mash

BBQ96/17: Steak Sandwiches #2

BBQ98/17: Spuntino Eagle Rock Dog

BBQ99/17: 7 Year old British Dexter T-Bone

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Other recipes from online and cookbooks I have on the shelf, details are in each post.

BBQ59/17: Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cookie

BBQ58/17: Roast Citrus, Ginger and Honey Chicken

BBQ57/17: Murgh Makhani

BBQ55/17: Popcorn!

BBQ38/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers #2

BBQ32/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers

BBQ77/17: Rotisserie Pineapple

BBQ82/17: The Smoking Cubano

BBQ88/17: Goat Tacos

BBQ89/17: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

BBQ91/17: Lasagne

BBQ92/17: Persian Style Chicken

BBQ97/17: Insanity Burgers #3

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