BBQ77/17: Rotisserie Pineapple

BBQ77/17 – Rotisserie Pineapple:

Claypot FrodPorridge posted a link for this recipe in a twitter group we are in and when I saw it I knew I had to cook it. Luckily we had a pineapple sitting waiting to be grilled too!

I sliced the top, bottom and sides off the pineapple then pushed the rotisserie bar through the middle. It was only a small pineapple so I didn’t bother putting the end spikes on as it was pretty solid on the rotisserie bar.

The grill was starting to cool after cooking chicken satay so I put the rotisserie on to grill and made the glaze sauce:  Butter, brown sugar cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla extract and Whisky.

After about 10 minutes I brushed the glaze on whilst the rotisserie was still spinning. The fire started flaring up so I put the lid on to calm it down a bit.



After a few minutes I glazed it again:



After another 10 minutes it was ready:


This was such an easy cook but the end result was fantastic. The pineapple was really tasty, the glaze worked well. I had a little bit left over which I eat the next day, it tasted even better from sitting for a while!

I will do this again in the future, it’s a good way to get an easy dessert and make use of the fuel after a cook. A bit of ice cream would work well with it! 


Great bit of advice from TheBigGayAl: “One of my faves – with a rum and raisin ice cream. Try vacpac the pineapple with muscavado sugar & a shot of rum for 24hr before the cook”

Noted for next time, this is happening!

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