BBQ107/17: Hillbilly Chilli and Moinks

BBQ107/17 – Hillbilly Chilli and Moinks:

One of the main reasons we got the garden redone and the BBQ hut built was to create a space to cook in and to entertain folk. With everything finished and the hut in use we have arranged for a lot of folk to come round. The first event was some good friends of ours and I chose to cook Hillbilly Chilli and Moinks – both from the Grillstock book.

The hut had some pumpkins for halloween (and a beer for the cook!).

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinks

I put some lights up which are great now the evenings are darker:

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinks

The Prep:

I ordered beef mince and streaky bacon from Turner and George. The bacon was cut thicker and shorter than the last lot but was also a bit firmer feeling. The mince looked as good as always.

The moinks were prepared exactly the same as the first time I prepared them with the Reds True BBQ Pulled Pork rub applied. I did make them smaller this time as they were meant to be a little snack whilst we waited for the chilli.

BBQ87/17: Moink Balls

The Chilli was made exactly the same as the first time I prepared them also. The beef was diced chuck from Turner and George which look fantastic.

BBQ62/17: Hillbilly Chilli

The Cook:

I fired up the smoker with 1 bag of heat beads which I dropped half a chimney of lit lump on top of. Once the temperature was stable I put the chilli on the lower shelf and dropped a couple of chunks of Oak smoking wood from Smokewood Shack into the fire. I gave it the odd stir every couple of hours but pretty much left it alone.

I factored on the Moinks taking about 90 to 100 minutes to cook so put them on nearer the end of the chilli cook. I placed them all on the top shelf and left them for an hour.

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinks

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinksWhen I went back to check they were approaching 65C internal so I left them another 10m after which I applied the Reds True BBQ Kansas City BBQ sauce.

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinks

I went back after another 10 minutes to rotate them and apply more sauce.

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinks

Time to Eat:

10 minutes later they were 75C internal and the sauce had dried enough to take everything off.

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinks

The Chilli came off after 9 hours. It looked and smelt fantastic!

Grillstock hillbilly chilli and moinks


The chilli was fantastic as always. The spice mix you put in this is really, really good. I keep meaning to use it for fajitas as I think it would work well with that.

The moinks were good being smaller and a lot of them got eaten. My pal ate quite a few of them and the kids enjoyed them too! Some of the moinks were a bit tough to bite through and this seems to be because of the bacon as it still had the rind on. As the moinks were smoked the temperature wasn’t really high enough to crisp the bacon up. The bacon looked great and would work well in a frying pan but I think thinner bacon is best for moinks. If I had spotted the rind I could have sliced it off before wrapping, I will check next time!

Cook Equipment: Weber Smokey Mountain
Cook Method: Low and Slow
Charcoal: Heat Beads and half a chimney of lump
Smoking Wood: Smokewood Shack Oak Chunks
Cook temperature: 250C
Cook time: Moinks:  90m

Chilli: 9 hours

Internal temperature: Moinks: 75C
Notes: 1: Thin bacon works best when wrapping. Look out for rind.



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