BBQ03/17: Cherry Wood Smoked Chicken with the mix of Awesomeness!

BBQ03/17 – Cherry Smoked Chicken:

Cherry Smoked Chicken: The day after I cooked the Jerk Chicken I had another chicken to use and I needed something the kids could eat as well. Looking through the DJ BBQ cookbook I spotted a great looking chicken so decided to cook “Cherry Wood Smoked Chicken with the mix of Awesomeness!”.

The rub was easy to make but I didn’t dry out the orange and lemon zest enough so the rub was a bit wet and didn’t go on as well as it should. Next time I would dry it out good and proper before adding to the rub, I might even dry it then blitz it in the spice grinder (coffee grinder!) before adding to the rub.

I cooked it on the rotisserie again, fuel baskets to the side, lobbed a load of cherry chunks in and checked the temps after 50m looking to pull it off about 70c. To try and get a crispy skin the plan was to move the fuel baskets under the chicken when the internal temps hit 65c and it kinda worked, might need more time next time.

The chicken tasted great, I am keen to try the rub again to see if I can get it right and to see if the chicken improves further but we wolfed this one down!


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